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Is there a jackie o tape coming out?

Edwin Ortiz

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Jackie did a series of taped interviews with William Manchester in 1964 that have never been released, and will not be released as long as Caroline is alive. It is reported that she got drunk during one of the interviews, and said way more than she was comfortable with. While many if not most presume she spoke about JFK's infidelities, I suspect there was far more to it. The original draft of Manchester's book The Death of a President was very hard on LBJ, and presented him as kind of an anti-JFK indirectly responsible for Kennedy's death. It wouldn't surprise me if Manchester got this from Jackie, who comes across as way too nice to LBJ on their taped recordings. I suspect she thought him a pig. She was pretty harsh on Connally in some of the tapes released last year, and she had a lot more reason to hate LBJ than Connally, IMO.

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