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Mating of two independent JFK evidence items visual and audible

Jim Phelps

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Hello EF,

Happy Holidays! Time for a present for serious JFK evidence researchers? One of the most obvious things to do is mate up two independent JFK evidence items and check to see if they match and support each other. Such serendipitous mating of two separate bits of evidence is important to consider.

In the Video below, one of the Dallas Police Dept's "Dictabelt" / wire recorder sound tracks is mated with the Zapruder Film to see if they fit, and they do. One also can find film artifacts like the camera man's flinch or camera shake correlated with the film's jerking around at these select moments of the gun shots.

So, tossing out this correctly synchronized Z-film and "Dictabelt" evidence for review and comment:

Lets see if EF can handle these simplistic methods for forensics!

YouTube caption:

"Most never get to view the Dallas Dictabelt sound track properly synchronized with the Zapruder Film. One can hear and see the first shot missed, and was associated with the sparks witnessed by many at the turn. The second shot made contact with JFK in the lower back. The third shot hits his head from the rear. Fourth shot hits Connelly laying in the floor just after JFK brains get blown out, and this was the only shot from the TSBD. The "Third shot" appears to be two at nearly the same time, first from the rear and Dal-Tex, and few frames later from the Rt. side area of the Knoll, as seen from frame to frame ballistics in slow motion. Most interesting is how the camera operator, Zapruder, appears to shake or flinch at the same time marks as the shot sounds. Such correlation of the camera man's reactions to the sounds that match the film very much support the Zapruder Film is not some fabrication, as some poor researchers suggest!! IMHO

Combining the Zapruder Film with the Dallas Police's Dictabelt Recording of the gunshots can only be mated one way. Just like the visual and physical constraints of a jig-saw puzzle the 4 second gap between the First Volley of shots from Dal-Tex and the Last Volley of shots can only be combined one way around JFK's arm's rising and the head shot visual evidence being the prime datum points. They fit perfectly, so the forensics on these two items of independently collected evidence support each other well.


What is more interesting is that it appears no one has done this mating for these two independent evidence items and shown these correlation effects and how well they match. With the age of Video Editors the task is easy, but apparently it relates too much of the truth being exposed."

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The Dictabelt would not record the first round of shots fired, from rifles with silencers in the Dal-Tex Building. Those shots all apparently missed beause Greer overshot the 120-degree turn onto Elm so badly he nearly hit the curb in front of the TSDB, exiting the "Plan A" killing zone, and the silencers were a further hindrance because of their inaccuracy. I think it is no accident JFK's limo suddenly appears in the middle of the street in the Z film, given Zapruder swore he never stopped filming. Simple frame omission without a splice, easily done with an optical printer, which I studied and used as an undergrad at UCLA in the film school. The Dictabelt's value is to prove a fourth shot and establish a conspiracy. Harrison Livingstone counts a total of 13 shots. So do I.

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