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The Traditional Assassination Narrative

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I would like to raise an issue and get forum members opinions on. The traditional assassination narrative is that all shots originated from the TSBD.

Suppose it could be established that the Connally chest wound did not originate from the TSBD? And suppose the following:-

a) That JFK throat wound was an injury from the front.

B) The JFK head wound was also an injury from the front.

c) The Connally Dorsal wound was a consequence of another wound, maybe the chest wound say.

This would create a very different narrative.

Can I ask how strong do members feel the traditional assassination narrative is? If you take away the essential elements of the Single Bullet Theory, what strength is there in the traditional narrative that all shots originated from the TSBD.

Is there evidence that already undermines the quality of the traditional assassination narrative?


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The traditional narrative is false in almost every aspect , but I do not

See historians scrambling to the truths defence.

It appears that joe public is not bothered and are is toobusy being frightened

By "the next bad thing".

It takes a jolt ( Stones movie) to move the masses into action

So by allowing the false narrative to be uttered without question(in the public arena)

It will continue as "traditional" .


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I think why many people buy into the lone assassin theroy is that they can't conceive that a conspiriacy could not be found out by the government in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Also that would the govermnent lie to us about what happened.

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Thanks for the replies.

The reason I raised the question was that I had been doing some trajectory analysis for Connally. I have my trajectory pointer at 27 degrees along the 5th rib. When I ran where that trajectory would lead to it ended up on the roof of the Records building. With the throat wound and the head wound I suddenly wondered what shots actually came from the TSBD?

However I had not noticed that I had made an error. Although my pointer was locked at the correct position and angle, I had forgotten that once the model had been placed in the car I still needed to check that the pointer was still at 27 degrees. It was not and that was my error.

Again thanks for the replies.


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Well, where did it end up once it was corrected?


I have not yet re-run the trajectories. I am using anatomical models. They allow me to visualise all elements of the body, lungs, veins arteries etc. With the Connally model I needed to rotate the upper torso to acquire particular positions. I forgot to place the systems folders within the upper torso folder. Hence just after finding the trajectory error I also noticed that the lung and other organs were well out of position as a consequence of rotating. I have had to reconfigure the Connally model so that when I rotate the torso these other organs rotate as well. That is now complete and the Connally model is back in the car.

I expect to run a new set of trajectories next week.

I knew that by choosing anatomical models I would loose identity. My models faces do not look like JFK or Connally. However I have gained verification. In the case of the Connally model people can verify that where I say I have paced the trajectory pointer is where it has been placed. A weakness with Dale Myers models is that, although they look astonishingly life like, they are closed models. The viewer is required to take on trust that where Myers says he has placed his target points is exactly there. I hope to get some identity onto the faces, but if I can't in the time left to me to do so, so be it. I feel it is more important that people can visually verify what I am doing.

I am sorry, but I am unlikely to post the results shortly. I am prepared to admit that I am finding the process quite difficult. Myers followed a theory and used his model to demonstrate that theory? What I am doing is taking the known wound trajectory and seeing at what point a solution appears. I have a series of test moments that I am using at the moment: 223/4, 236, 297 ( and there are reasons for that ), 315, and 317. One thing that is clear to me is that 317 is the end of the sequence. From 318 onwards Nellie begins to pull him out of danger. Therefore by 317 Connally is wounded.

I will see where that sequence gets me next week, but I am aware that I will probably need to widen the test sequence because Connally makes significant movement even between two frames and thatmcould point from no, or an impossible location, to a logical location.

I am sorry I cannot be more helpful than that.


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