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Where is the thread on Courtenay Lynda Valenti?

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

It is an extremely important thread because her mother, Mary Margaret Valenti (nee Wiley), was a long time secretary and, more importantly, key inner circle mistress to Lyndon Johnson for many years.

Lyndon Johnson spent far, far more time with Mary Margaret Wiley than he ever did Madeleine Brown. On 12/31/63 LBJ told Madeleine Brown that Dallas, TX oil men and the CIA were behind the JFK assassination. Mary Margaret Wiley was with LBJ during his peak of power in the Senate in the late 1950's; she was with him when he was VP; Courtenay Lynda Valenti, her daughter, was born 3 weeks before the JFK assassination and this baby became known as "LBJ's baby in the White House."

God knows what LBJ told Mary Margaret Valenti about the JFK assassination and what really happened at the 1960 Democratic convention and how LBJ got on the ticket. Mary Margaret was one of LBJ's inner circle people at Los Angeles.

I have had 2 LBJ insiders confirm to me Mary Margaret's relationship with LBJ. Madeleine knew about it, too, which adds to the credibility of Madeleine Brown as an LBJ insider. The major biographers have refused to grapple with Mary Margaret and how important her relationship with LBJ was and how important she still is.

And a critical point is Mary Margaret Valenti, age 80 today, is still alive today. I have no doubt she is keeping many LBJ secrets on a whole variety of topics.

She should be interviewed again (after 7 oral histories) by someone who knows what to ask her.

So where is the thread on Courtenay Lynda Valenti? It used to be at this link:


I ask that if be put back up again. I wonder if political pressure or threats is the reason this thread has been pulled down. If that is the case, then it just highlights how important the material is.


It is the "Did LBJ use Sexual Blackmail on JFK to get on the 1960 Demo VP spot" thread."

The question is why? And who did it?

This thread is very important because it gives a clear roadmap into the JFK assassination. The first step was Lyndon Johnson blackmailing and strong arming his way onto the 1960 Democratic ticket.

Now this thread is missing. Why? There are a lot of important posts of this thread by both me and David Lifton who spoke about the importance of Hy Raskin.

Here is the (now disabled) web link for "Did LBJ use Sexual Blackmail on JFK to get on the 1960 Demo VP spot" thread.


It has been taken down just as the critically important "Courtenay Lynda Valenti" thread has been disabled.

Here is its (now disabled) web link: http://educationforu...showtopic=16617 This thread highlights the importance of Mary Margaret Valenti (nee Wiley) who was an absolutely key inner circle mistress of LBJ and who is alive today and no doubt keeping many historically significant secrets.

I request that both of these critically important threads be restored immediately.

I do smell the ugly stench of censorship in play. And it needs to stop.

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Guest Robert Morrow

Bump. I ask again. Where is that thread asking "Is Courtenay Lynda Valenti the biological daughter of Lyndon Johnson?" I was told by one of the moderators, Evan Burton, that it had been accidentally taken down and that it was going to be restored.

There were several other important threads, including one David Lifton was looking for seveal that have gone missing as well.

Good God - is someone on top of this? Are these threads gone for good or can they be "restored?"

Also, where is the ""Did LBJ use Sexual Blackmail on JFK to get on the 1960 Demo VP spot"

I have yet another data point to add to the Lyndon Johnson/Mary Margaret Wiley connection.

Texas reporter Sarah McClendon: Bill Moyers was brought on as a “religious aide” to act as a beard covering up the Lyndon Johnson/Mary Margaret Wiley relationship

Bill Moyers had just begun handling the press for Lyndon at that time. Moyers, who’d graduated from Southwest Theological Institute in Fort Worth, had been brought to Washington because of another rumor: there had been speculation that LBJ’s relationship with his top secretary Mary Margaret Wiley had become an intimate as well as a professional one. Concerned, Lyndon had asked his good friend Harry Provence of the Waco Tribune and several other Texas editors to look for someone to prevent that kind of talk. And who better to give the Vice Presidential staff a more “sanctified” appearance than a young man headed for the ministry? So Moyers was hired on, ostensibly to deal with policy concerning religion and to answer letters that had a religious tone. In actuality, he was a chaperone who would travel with Lyndon and Mary Margaret to show that all was on the up-and-up.”

[sarah McClendon, “Mr President, Mr. President!: My Fifty Years of Covering the White House,” p. 92-93]

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Guest Robert Morrow

Knock yourself out, Bob....here it is.:


Do you have amnesia, though? :


Please keep the noise down, okay?

The first one is not an active thread (on the internet "Wayback" machine) and it should be active in case any more relevant information on the LBJ hostile take-over of the vice presidency at the 1960 Democratic convention comes to light.

So where is the active thread? Can it be restored to active status? It is critically important information. I think Evan Burton said he accidentally wiped it out and was going to try to restore it. 4 months ago Evan told me he was going to try to restore them. David Lifton is missing some critical threads, too. Ask him which ones he is looking for.

And where is the thread "Is Courtenay Lynda Valenti the Biological Daughter of Lyndon Johnson." I keep finding more material that buttresses the answer of "yes."

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