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IT IS STARTING: Please don't let the CIA obsolve themselves

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It is as pathetic as Operation Mockingbird, the Rockefeller Commission or even Gerald Ford and Arlen Spector being paid back handsomely for their work.


We can see when Bill O'Reilly, Tom Hanks, DiCaprio, Charlie Rose and the Mockingbird faithful descending on this topic that a "Fox" methodology to sway public opinion away from the CIA is a foot. THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THE MAFIA WAS INVOLVED. But the truth of the CIA deep involvement in the JFK and the RFK Assassination needs to be cemented into the minds of our country. Didn't Ted Charach do enough! To the researchers on this board and throughout the country and the world; I beseech you all my brethern to not let the CIA get away with it. We know that the tenacles of this conspiracy stretch to the highest levels Richard Helms, Hoover, Johnson, Harvey and Cord Meyer.

These days we don't assassinate with bullets anymore because there are too many cameras around. Now we do it with lies and "Faux news".

I won't be answering the onslaught of attacks about to come my way on here any time soon. The disinformation people here are numerous.

Let's take up that CIA adopted line from scripture: The truth will set you free.

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Its clear that Fox do "entertainment" not "facts". And we can add Nat Geo TV to that category as well. "The Lost Bullet" being another piece of evidence. Is Murdoch the common thread? Maybe.

Did O'Reilly ever explain his Epiphany which lead to his Oswald-did-it mindset currently on show? Or does his allegiance simply go wherever the money (or ratings) tell it to go? At least Bugliosi has been consistent with his point of view.

To paraphrase Fox coverage on Election night: Is this history that you do as an establishment shill to make yourself feel better?

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did you notice how, in response to a much longer comment by Rose, the son of RFK answered with a two word response, "rogue CIA" I would add Rogue too were I a Kennedy in Dallas. To me the concept of adding Rogue in front of an org whose modus open-endi is compartmentalization has always seemed problematic, to say the least, especially given the complete lack of real oversight.

Nevertheless, the very short addition of CIA by the offspring of the murdered stood out, for me at least.

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