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All Died from unnatural deaths

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There will be a book called Hit List coming out on April 1, 2013. It's about the mysterious deaths after the Kennedy Assassination. I can think of several left wingers who died from unnatural causes and maybe not .

Jerry Rubin - Jaywalking

Abbie Hoffman - 100 phenobarbital pills. Diagnosed as manic-depressive.

Hunter S. Thompson - allegedly killed himself with a gun. Rumors about his visit to Bohemian Grove.

Phil Ochs - allegedy hung himself. Pictures exist of him standing in front of the Dal-Tex building when Kennedy was murdered.

John Lennon - shot to death. Was allegedly giving money to secret left-wing groups. His phones tapped. Being followed. Possibly a cocaine addict. Bay of Pigs survivor in charge of security that night. Ronald Reagan President Elect.

Here's another one I wonder fits into the mold:

Lenny Bruce - OD'd on Heroin. Spoke a lot about the Assassination in night clubs.

Kathy C

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