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Petition to Add MLK's murder to Cold Case Initiative

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Efforts to release files on the King case will be met with a host of political and legal obstacles that are too complicated to explain-- I have been down that path for years now and it may well be a dead end. But adding MLK, Jr's murder to the Justice Department's already-existing Civil Rights Cold Case Initiative should not be controversial. Indeed, the inventory of evidence in the King murder includes dozen of suspect fingerprints never matched to James Earl Ray or anyone else, fingerprints that could be "run" through the FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) for possible identification. This was done in 2000 with the King prints, at a time when IAFIS was far less robust, and it was only linked to Tennessee's independent AFIS, rather than to the databases of all 50 states. More recent, integrated efforts have solved cases as old as 1957. Please sign this petition to get the Obama Administration to force the Justice Department to add King's murder to the queue of cases...


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Stus, I signed your petition at


And encourage everyone to sign it and pass it on.

I have also posted it on Facebook.

But the number of signers needed for a White House petition far exceeds the numbers we can come up with in the allotted time, and the White House has just increased the numbers needed before they will even pay any attention to it, as they are only moved by numbers in the tens of thousands.

I think it will be easier to get an active official investigation by petitioning local District Attorneys in the relevant jurisdiction or Federal Attorneys and using logic and reason and show them the evidence and give them the identities of living witnesses and suspects, and convince them to present those witnesses and evidence before a grand jury, which will give the investigators and prosecuting attorneys 18 months to obtain an indictment or "true bill" that will take the case to trail.

That is the way Medgar Evers' assassination was solved by a sympathetic assistant DA and presentation of the evidence and new witnesses before a grand jury.

This article I did a few years ago on the JFK case sparked the support of a federal RICO prosecutor and a federal judge in Florida.

JFKcountercoup: JFK Assassination Grand Jury - Basis for Legal Action

Also relevant is the article I posted today on a previously unknown MLK speech on Non-violence and Racial Justice.

JFKcountercoup: MLK on Non-Violence and Political Assassination

JFKCountercoup2: Myrlie Evers-Williams Invocation

JFKCountercoup2: American Tradition of Transferring Power

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