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The Math of Judo: not just number of views but when and how many before Appian Way-Off misleads

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Hi, I have opened a humble Judo Studio in Tennessee, right beside that Jar that was placed there by some poet emulating the style of Mr. 5 Martini-Lunch.

No seriously folks..

There is a lot of bad media about to reign down on the skulls of the populace. Many are young and would otherwise become interested in the JFK assassination and the real story behind it-- that of the replacement of the permanent national Security State for elected officials as the makers of key decisions in US history.

This Bad Media is designed to do one thing: piss on the kindling so that the flame of curiosity so that flames of curiosity do not catch. The powers that be know that once that second book is ever opened ... its all over. They seek to keep it closed. After all when was the last time you saw a show on PBS that was specifically designed to PREVENT FURTHER RESEARCH. As for me it was Oswald's Ghost, which elevated Queen Pricilla of the Sun Belt Desert and Mr. Aynesworth to the level of Dr. TJ Eckleberry's omniscience all without mentioning their ties to CIA.

Well as you know the god awful Thommmmm Hartttmannn books are about to be wide screened by the Di Caprios. What if....

We took preliminary actions and posted this article from CTKA and or other pointing out just how bad this book really is. A lot of post on wider spectrum sites... IE not specifically JFK related sites, could create enough early circulation so that when the movie comes out .. more newbies will remember this article and post it around when the movie is getting lots of national publicity.

The more early posts, the greater the multiplier effect later, when it matters. And remember the goal is new younger sets not people already in the know.

The Di Caprios can prove either boon or bane. It's up to us. Or we can stay cloistered here preaching to choirs and help bury the significance of the political assassinations for a new generation. http://www.ctka.net/Dicaprio_Waldron.html

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By the way in raising awareness about the National Geographic Killing series ( an interesting propa-packaging job...) it is very important that we include the fact that MURDOCH purchased the National Geographic Channel. Murdoch is such an important word that the Old testement repeats it 3 times to suggest .... something real bad, even by OT standards, which is bad weather indeed. MURDOCH ! MURDOCH! MURDOCH!

The reasons this is bad, is that, even though non-Murdoch media is just as bad now by playing good cop to Ruperts bad, a much greater percentage of the pop thinks Rupert is playing this game solitaire. To exploit that the Nat Geo Murdoch must be fastened like a harness.

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