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Gen. Nathan Farragu Twining

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JFKCountercoup2: Mr. (Gen.) Nathan Twining

Photo of A. Dulles, E. Lansdale, Gen. C. Cabell and Mr. Nathan Twining.

Meet Nathan Twining:


Nathan Farragut Twining

Nathan Farragut Twining, was a United States Air Force General, born in Monroe, Wisconsin.

He was Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force from 1953 until 1957.

Born: October 11, 1897, Wisconsin

Died: March 29, 1982, Lackland Air Force Base

Place of burial: Arlington National Cemetery

Education: United States Military Academy

JFKCountercoup2: Mr. (Gen.) Nathan Twining

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Some people know him more for the The Twining Memo


Yes, if you read it all, it gets interesting, as not only did he write the memo requesting the military take "flying discs" seriously, begin a project to study them and assign a crypt to the program, his son told the story of how his dad missed his birthday because he was a Roswell, rescued an ET and took him to Wright-Pat.

Twining preceeded LeMay as chief of Air Force and is a civilian in the photo with Dulles, Lansdale and Cabell, but is certainly in their class.

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Bill why are you interested in him? What connection, if any, do you think he has to the assassination.

Well, I came across the photo of Dulles, Lansdale, Cabell and Twining, and considering the company he's in, wondered who Twining was.

Turns out he's a pretty interesting guy.

It seems that the strategy of massive retaliation nuclear attack came in under his stewardship of the US Air Force, as well as the recommendation to take UFOs seriously.

As LeMay's predecessor, Twining set the pace and style for the SAC that LeMay commanded.

He may not have been at Dealey Plaza but he's in the picture.


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