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Blue Angels flyover at Dallas’ JFK commemoration threatened by budget impasse

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From dallas.news.com:

Blue Angels flyover at Dallas’ JFK commemoration threatened by budget impasse

by David Flick

March 1, 2013

The current fight in Washington over $85 billion in automatic budget cuts could have some odd consequences — affecting, among many other things,

Dallas’ official commemoration next fall of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Ruth Altshuler, co-chair of the committee coordinating the event, told a Dallas civic group Friday that plans for a flyover by the legendary Navy air team the

Blue Angels during those ceremonies were now, well, up in the air.

To honor President John F. Kennedy, who was a Navy veteran, plans called for the Blue Angels to fly over Dealey Plaza during the 40-minute commemoration

of his death there on Nov. 22, 1963.

The air team was slated to perform the Missing Man formation used to honor the memory of a fallen comrade.

The Blue Angels cancellation would apparently be one of dozens over the next few months. News stories over the past weeks have quoted Navy officials

as saying that if the budget crisis can’t be resolved, the Pensacola, Fla.-based Angels would be among the first casualties.

Altshuler emphasized that the situation was fluid.

“We still want it to happen. They still want it to happen. But at the moment, we don’t know. It’s all a budget matter,” she said.

An appearance at the ceremonies by the 73-member U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club apparently will not be affected. Altshuler told the audience

of the Dallas Friday Group that the glee club’s Dallas expenses were being underwritten by private donations.

Her remarks were part of an hourlong discussion at the Crescent Hotel on the effect of the assassination on the city of Dallas.

Another panelist, Gary Mack, curator of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, addressed the five-decade-long controversy over whether Lee Harvey Oswald

acted alone in shooting the president.

Mack said he once considered himself a conspiracy theorist and even now has questions about the shooting. Nonetheless, he said, he believed the case

against Oswald is overwhelming.

“There is no hard evidence that there was anyone else. There really is not,” he said.

Mack also defended commemoration organizers who have been criticized for plans to close Dealey Plaza to demonstrators during the official ceremonies.

“There are legitimate questions [about the assassination], but there is a time and place to ask them. The November event is not that time and place,” he said.


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The place, for the CIA and the rest of capitalism in 2013, is only on websites where people who have already read at least ten books about JFK go. That way the "contagion" --their term for truth-- will not spread.

Unfortunately they are getting their wish.

We have been given the best weapon we could have ever dreamed of-- the abject censoring of the RFK Jr. quote -- and as far as I can tell, almost nobody is posting it where the truth ain't. This censorship could really raise neo-hackles. Everything is on the internet. EXCEPT the first time Kennedys have publicly stated that they believed it was a CIA conspiracy. And that is NOT allowed, and moreover nearly every big news outlet in America is covering it up.

THis is Exactly the media-assassination link that could raise a young eyebrow, because it screams they protest too much better than Shakespeare could have written it.

And yet, how many know about this? How can momentum built if JFK researchers are the least evangelical species on earth? And you know the worst thing about it. Later when the 50th fizzles because it is framed just like billionaires want it framed, as an Alex Jones scream fest. lots of these same information-never-share-button people will be screaming the loudest "WHY DOESN'T ANYONE CARE"!!

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The Battle of Dealey Plaza is really shaping up for a real ho down,

The Blue Angels not being able to perform makes me wonder where the rest of the money is coming from if some of it is being sequestered by Washington?

If the economy is so bad, where is the city of Dallas getting all the money to secure this event, and pay a few million to Bob Groden so his civil rights case doesn't go to court at the same time? COPA is also considering a civil rights suit if they are denied access to Dealey Plaza.

Let's me get this straight, they don't want to talk about JFK's assassination at the place he was killed on the day he was killed, so they're going to fence off Dealey Plaza, keep the public out and give out tickets to their friends and other people from Dallas, and have the mayor and a mainstream historian and Yale Skull and Bonner being the only people who will talk, and if anybody else does talk they will have to "stay on point," that is the positive promotion of the city of Dallas and not to mention his death?

On one side you have the mayor, city council, Sixth Floor, Dallas County, SMU and the US Navy flyboys and oh, yea Ruth Alshuler - JFKCountercoup2: Ruth Alshuler at the Helm and they are spending millions of dollars on this whole deal - physically keeping the public out of Dealey Plaza at the time and place of his death - a PR ploy that will certainly backfire when the Occupy Dealy Plaza sit in nonviolently, American Indians protest the only speaker - demanding the Skull & Bones frat at Yale return the remains of Crazy Horse they keep at their frat house, riots ensue and they call in the Texas Rangers and National Guard to restore order. What could be more fun?

For the record, Andrew Mayhew bought the TSBD from Byrd and wanted to make it a real museum, archive of records and an assassination research center and when he couldn't afford it, others who opposed him thought it wasn't such a bad idea after all and built the Sixth Floor Museum, figuring if they owned it they could control the message.

JFKCountercoup2: Andrew Mayhew and the Real History of the TSBD

So after 49 years of conducting a public memorial and moment of silence every Nov. 22nd since 1964, begun by Penn Jones and continued by Judge and others, the City of Dallas has obtained a permit for the event that will exclude the public, and allow only those with tickets into the affair, mainly people from Dallas and those connected to those who are preparing the event, which will include only one speaker - an historian and Yale Scull and Bonner.

When they met in DC, the mayor explained that they didn't want to be remembered as the City of Hate or rehash the assassination but want to celebrate JFK's life.

Jeff Morely then asked the mayor if RFK Jr. could attend or speak, and the mayor said if RFK Jr. showed up and wanted to speak, he would be permitted to, "if he stayed on point." The point being not to talk about the assassination or the death of Kennedy.

The mayor explained that he was only part of a larger committee that was preparing the event, so Judge gave the mayor a letter addressed to the committee that laid out COPA's position on the situation, as well as these talking points of his own.


COPA will "stay on Point" and these are COPA's points:

-· Dealey Plaza is a public park and national historical landmark It belongs to history and the American people. It has been open and allowed free speech for decades. Attempting to block access to thousands of people who will be coming from all over the world that day to Dallas will cause safety issues and embarrass the City

·- Dealey Plaza is the site a long tradition of commemoration of November 22. Starting in 1964, Midlothian (TX) Mirror editor Penn Jones, Jr. began a tradition of a Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll lest history forget the crime of the assassination or the government refusal to solve the murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.. COPA has continued the tradition, now for 49 years. We should be allowed to have our event at that time and place.

·- We are the vast majority. Polls show that 85% of the American people reject the official theory of a "lone gunman." Members of the Kennedy family have now come toDallas and said the same thing. To try to silence the majority on November 22, 2013 will not work.

·- We will hold a solemn and dignified event that celebrates the life and legacy of President Kennedy. We always have but we also continue to call for resolution of this unsolved homicide. We have no problem with the City's desire to honor the life and legacy of JFK. Frankly, it’s long overdue. However, it is not appropriate to do so at the murder scene. When we honor President Lincoln’s life and legacy, we don’t do it at the Ford Theater on April 14th.

-· The city has failed to follow its own permitting process. We have applied for a permit for three years. We were told permits could only be granted one year in advance. When we applied on November 23, 2012. We were told an exclusive permit for the whole of Dealey Plaza had already been issued in advance to the Sixth Floor Museum. Then, it was discovered that the Sixth Floor never submitted the signed permit application as required and it ultimately abandoned the effort. Our application was the only one submitted timely and properly. This city has not acted in good faith.

-· First Amendment protections have been violated.. The director of the Sixth FloorMuseum was quoted in the Dallas Morning News saying that they applied for the permit to be "proactive" on behalf of the Mayor's office to prevent "conspiracy theory" from being presented. This is why we assert that there has been a content-based denial of our rights to free speech under the First Amendment, which is specifically prohibited in public parks, both local and federal.

·- The Mayor 's community-based planning committee for the 50th anniversary has excluded the viewpoint of the majority. We have asked to be allowed to join the committee or to make presentations to it. We have been denied or ignored at every point. This exclusion created some of the current problems. We should be represented there.

·- There are alternatives that would work better. Open Dealey Plaza to the American people at that critical hour on November 22 and allow free speech and events like the Moment of Silence all day. Move the time and place of the Mayor’s event to JFK Memorial park, City Hall Plaza, as in the past, or have a ticketed event at the Sixth Floor Museum. These alternatives will also obviate the need for expensive security.

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Well, let us try and get some pressure built on that one shall we?

THe Action Alert at ctka is for the ATT center.

But what they will say is that they need permission from RFK JR. and Rose.

Now, you know RFK Jr. will not object. So let us put the pressure on Charlie. Where are the best sites to get to him?


I think its great to write letters to the individuals, but in the end, this is not REAL pressure.

Because it does not put MAKE THEIR CREDIBILITY the issue. When we go wide-angle and make the question of whether or not they are aiding censorship, on this first time in 50 years event.... I think this has way more eyebrow wave potential than we are realizing.

Unless we make the media itself the issue there is no political cost for them. We have to MAKE that political cost by posting wide.

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