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Frank Sturgis' 22-page confession given to Cardinal Cooke in 1971

Douglas Caddy

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In 1971 Frank Sturgis gave a 22-page confession to Cardinal Cooke in New York of his involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Among his disclosures was that he was one of the shooters from the grassy knoll. Another disclosure was that Howard Hunt was present on Dealey Plaza at the time.

In the year after giving the Cardinal his confession Sturgis was arrested as one of the burglars in Watergate.

The Sturgis story is included in the link below that covers a number of subjects, among these being that former New York Police detective Jim Rothstein had the full confession read to him by someone who had it in his possession.

If President Nixon knew of Sturgis’ involvement in the JFK assassination and/or of his 22-page confession given to Cardinal Cooke, then this knowledge must have influenced his thinking immensely as he struggled with the Watergate scandal.


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