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Did LHO say 'he was "out with Billy Shelley in front"' at the time of the assassination?

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Colby would have me make my argument without appealing to evidence! He

even begs the question by ignoring that the only reasonable interpretation of

Lee's remark that he was "out with Billy Shelley in front" is that he was out with

Bill Shelley in front during the assassination. Otherwise, the fabled homicide

detective would have failed to has him the crucial question of having an alibi.

Pat Speer on his website:

According to Captain Will Fritz's handwritten notes on his 11-22 interrogation of Oswald, Oswald claimed that in the hour before the shooting, he'd went "to 1st floor had lunch/out with Bill Shelley in front." While this might sound like Oswald was claiming to have had lunch out in front of the building with Bill Shelley, Fritz's typed up notes reflect that Oswald said "he was having his lunch about that time on the first floor." (24H265) This indicates that Oswald told Fritz he saw Shelley at a different point, possibly when he was leaving the building. The next day Oswald clarified this, and said he'd "ate lunch with some of the colored boys who worked with him. One of them was called "Junior" and the other man was a little short man whose name he did not know." (24H267) The report of Secret Service Inspector Thomas Kelley confirms this account, stating "He said he ate his lunch with the colored boys who worked with him. He described one of them as "Junior," a colored boy, and the other was a little short negro boy." The report of FBI agent James Bookhout (WR622), however, gives a slightly different account of Oswald's statements. Bookhout relates: "Oswald stated that on November 22, 1963, he had eaten lunch in the lunch room of the Texas School Book Depository, alone, but recalled possibly two negro employees walking through the room in this period. He stated possibly one of these employees was called "Junior" and the other was a short individual whose name he could not recall, but whom he would be able to recognize." In any event, it now fell on the investigators to see if anyone could confirm that Oswald had been in this first floor lunch room in the moments before the shooting, and, if not, whether anyone could place him on a higher floor during this time.

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