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NYPD Detective James Rothstein

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2 hours ago, Steve Thomas said:


Do you know if James Rothstein worked with Jack Caulfied in New York?


From 1953 to 1968, he was an officer with the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Jack Caulfield, Bearer of a Watergate Message, Dies at 83

By Douglas Martin June 21, 2012


“By all accounts, in January 1973, Mr. Caulfield met with James McCord Jr., a former C.I.A. officer and one of the burglars in the Watergate break-in, to tell him that the White House was prepared to grant him clemency, money and a job in return for not testifying against members of the administration and accepting a prison sentence.”


I was shocked one day, when doing some research on Alpha 66, I ran across Jack Caulfield's name. The NYPD;s intelligence bureau's "Red Squad" was doing surveillance on Alpha 66 up in New York.

Steve Thomas

I have never heard him mention Caulfield and shall ask him in the coming days if he did. He knew Officer Carl Shoffler quite well and believed him to be the real "Deep Throat" as I also maintain.

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35 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

Unfortunately, Rothstein's 2013 and 2017 interviews for the podcast The Power Hour have disappeared from the net.  Any leads?

The lady who founded The Power Hour and was its moderator died about five years ago from breast cancer. I talked to her shortly after she had received the news from her doctor and she told me since her program's advertisers were health supplement companies she was going to forego traditional medicine to fight the cancer and instead rely on the products of her advertisers and well as alternative medicine. It may be that there was no way she was going to beat the cancer no matter what methods she employed.

Rothstein still has his report on Sturgis' confession and is sending it to me as well as a published book he wrote. When I get the report I shall post it again on the forum.

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