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The lonesome Parkland Doc Dr. Kenneth Salyer

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Another quote from Jack Duffy:

Jack DuffyJFK Assassination Books,Reviews and Discussion
Dr. Malcolm Perry did the tracheotomy on JFK's throat wound. Dr. Perry told the media on Nov. 22, 1963 that the throat wound was an entrance wound which meant it came from the grassy knoll. Over the years he was pressured to change his opinion about the direction of the shot. He retired and went into seclusion. Dr. McClelland told me that Dr .Perry told him that he had been threatened. He said "Bob, I am scared to talk anymore about it. They told me they would kill me."

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Mr. Speer,

In two of your previous posts in this thread you have claimed that the Zapruder film shows a wound in the right temple area of President Kennedy’s head:

“The wound described by these witnesses to the shooting was in the location of the wound depicted in the Zapruder film and autopsy photos.”

“Or, if not Jackie's words, why not the Newmans', or Zapruder's, or Jackson's, or Hargis', or Brehm's, or Sitzman's, etc, all of whom claimed the impact was by the temple--where it can be seen in the Zapruder film, the authenticity of which Hill has NEVER disputed?”

Mr. Speer, could you please explain to me where this wound is supposed to be located by pointing it out in specific Zapruder frames.

Bjørn Gjerde

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