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Australian former cop solves case?

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According to this press release, a former Australian cop (and current author) named Colin McLaren has solved the Kennedy assassination using the latest technology, etc. It sounds like a Discovery Channel progarm...which is to say EMBARRASSING GARBAGE. I do, however, hope some of the Aussies on this forum can shed some light on this guy. Is he a heavyweight who might uncover something new, or a lightweight, a la Mark Fuhrman?


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When I heard about this, I noted it was being made by a production company co-owned by Andrew Denton. Denton was a talk show host whose own production company was called Zapruder's Other Films (now merged with another production company and renamed).

Denton has an enormous reputation for integrity, intelligence, wit and the ability to get into the recesses of his guest's psyche.

Look at a few of his interviews on youtube.

So I was pretty upbeat about this project.

That lasted until I learned Colin McLaren had already written the script for it. McLaren was a former undercover cop involved in sting operations against organized crime figures.

Since retiring, he has followed in the footsteps of Herbert Philbrick and parlayed that undercover work into a new career as a crime writer and speaker. He has also written scripts for local tv crime show.

Based on the above, I think he is likely to go down the "mob did it" route.

I hope I am wrong. I'd like to think Denton couldn't be duped like that.

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Jim, the production company was hired for the project by the TV station which will air it here - SBS. Not sure where or how McLaren came into the picture.

As with Denton, SBS garners a huge amount of respect - especially in the field of news and documentaries. It covers stuff others won't and doesn't pull any punches.

I am concerned about McLaren's involvement, but I hope he proves that concern invalid.

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Hubbard media purchased stations from the church of LDS,

And do not forget the SBT could work down there as the water

Drains the other way down the plug hole , different Fizzicks Bruce!.

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