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A New Form of Government

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In the days when I was reading about Jack Ruby, I was sure he made a certain statement: that a new form of government was going to take over America. I could never find the source for that. But I found it in "Hit List" by Belzer and Wayne:

"Well, you won't see me again. I tell you that a whole new form of government is going to take over the country; and I know I won't live live to see you another time."

He said this to the Warren Commission. Was he talking about the New World Order? Where the oil barons and other people, extremely rich, and all right wing and they reign over the entire globe.

I recently saw pictures of George HW Bush. He's on his way out. I hope he's proud of himself.

Taking over Boston, bombs, gunfire, a dead child and one with an amputated leg. The ricin letters. An explosion at the John F. Kennedy Library, the shooting at the movie theater awhile ago. Are we getting ready to become a police state? Or begin another war?

Yours Truly,

Kathy C

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This statement, told to Ford and Warren, is also relayed in Carl Oglesby's Yankee and Cowboy War.

It matters not if he was referring to a specific group, his words "new form of government" are enough

to make clear that the things JFK had attempted, done, began to do, etc. would never again be tolerated.


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