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Request for someone to post Jack Ruby's deathbed confession

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Jack Ruby allegedly confessed to killing Oswald for a reason other than to silence him. The transcript exists here: http://www.jfk-onlin...bydeathbed.html

I believe the audio is on sale somewhere on the internet or off the internet. If anyone has the means to post audio and link to it here, please do so.

Relevant questions would be

1- Whether or not Ruby was sedated during this interview, and the degree of sedation.

2- Whose idea was it to deliver this confession. Ruby's or someone else's?

3- Is the voice in the audiotape actually Ruby's.

4- How much of a "deathbed" confession was this? That is, how soon after the alleged confession did Ruby die?

Because people have low to no motivation to lie when death is imminent, this confession (if honest) would be a blow to JFK conspiracy theories. Thanks in advance.

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