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Obama Fights JFK Records Release

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Well,wasn`t it Westley Liebeler that told David Lifton that pursuing this equals"The shortness of life" or words to that effect?

Michael: here is the relevant section from Best Evidence, p. 698:

"Wesley Liebeler discussed the psychological barrier with me many years ago. He said: "You require people to accept the notion that somebody is playing around with Kennedy's body. David, I might as well tell you now--I mean, nobody will believe it.' He referred to my research as 'an exercise in epistemology...you know, I don't think you really comprehend the kind of thing you are dealing with.'

'What about the evidence?' I asked What would happen when I published a documented account showing that the legal record itself contained evidence the body was altered? 'Well, I don't think that anybody will ever believe anything yousay,' replied Liebeler. 'Why not?' I asked. \

'Because it's relatively unbelievable. You know...there comes a point where, after all, the emperor may rely on his power to demand that he is clothed. And this is not only a function of power; it's also a function of relative probability, and a concession to the shortness of life."

If the government wasn't dirty up to its eyeballs, there would be no hesitation to release the records. Obama would be (unfairly) tainted by knowledge of governmental malfeasance.

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I've not seen any evidence Obama was personally involved in these decisions. Have researchers really gone through the 99% of records that have been released? Are any documents specifically being sought out of those that remain classified?

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a whiff of smoke will often point to the smoking gun.

True, but there's already enough smoke to point to who was behind the guns.

Unfortunately there is also a media smoke screen to protect all good citizens from the smell.

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When all it takes is an Oliver Stone movie and great researchers to see the American people beliving in conspiracy by 70% to 30%, it becomes apparent that the circle will close hard on this conspiracy if and when the records are released. The smoking guns are there. It's just like a wiffle ball. When you see a wiffle ball, most of it is missing, but it still has enough there to make it a great game.

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Guest Tom Scully

It is not Obama's call.


Federal bar news: Volume 13

Federal Bar Association - 1966 -
In his address, Mr. Jenner stated that a series of extraordinary coincidences made it seem most likely that the assassination of President Kennedy was the work of one man — Lee Harvey Oswald. "After months of intensive research, the reading of some 40000 pages of material assembled by units of the federal government, and the questioning of scores of persons, including Oswald's wife, we came to the conclusion that there was no conspiracy, either domestic or foreign," Jenner said...



And We are All Mortal: New Evidence and Analysis in the John F. Kennedy ...‎ - Page 388

by George Michael Evica - 1978 - 465 pages

The Jenner-Henry Crown connection alone should have suggested conflict of interests to those responsible for selecting the Warren , Commission's counsel,.....

Attorney Albert E. Jenner, Jr., of Chicago, whose most important client, Henry Crown, was the biggest single General Dynamics shareholder, became ....


Ex-farmer, judge Crown remembered as 'wise, fair'
- Daily Herald - NewsBank - Mar 8, 1997
Crown clerked for US Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark from 1956 to 1959 and ... law at the Chicago firm of Jenner and Block, where he became a partner. ...

John J. Crown, judge, philanthropist
- Chicago Sun-Times - NewsBank - Mar 6, 1997
John J. Crown, 67, a former Cook County Circuit Court judge and youngest son of ... In 1959, he joined the law firm of Jenner & Block. ...



The Kennedy assassination cover-up‎ - Page 96
Donald Gibson - History - 2000 - 306 pages+

Drew Pearson, Tyler Abell - 1974 - Snippet view - More editions

Drew Pearson Tyler Abell ... Tom Clark told me afterward that it led to very high places. J. Edgar ... I learned later that it pointed to the Hilton hotel chain, Henry Crown, the big Jewish financier in Chicago, and Walter Annenberg, publisher of the ....


Mr. Obama's neighborhood
...These kinds of introductions proved key for Obama's construction of a network which would eventually support his political aspirations. The Crown family, for instance, have been major financial backers, with Lester's son James serving as Obama's Illinois finance chairman....


...Straddling Two Worlds
As Obama moved closer to running, he paid a visit to James Crown and his father, Lester, billionaire investors who presided over a sprawling Chicago business dynasty and prominent leaders in the Jewish community....


...Obama replied that Brzezinski is an informal, not a key, adviser"

...And he said critics' e-mails never mention Lester Crown, a member of his national finance committee who is "considered about as hawkish and tough when it comes to Israel as anybody in the country."


Robert Allen Hale was the son of FBI agent Insall Bailey "I. B." Hale and Virginia Kingsbery Hale of Fortune Road, Fort Worth, TX. [1][2][3][4]Warren Commission exhibit CE 1891[5] states that Mrs. Virginia Hale of Fortune Road, employed in the Fort Worth office of the Texas Employment Commission, sent Lee Harvey Oswald to the Leslie Welding Company for work in July of 1962. Oswald and Hale had previously gone to school together at Arlington Heights High School and knew each other.

In April 1959, Hale was cleared by a Florida Coroner's Jury of responsibility related to the shooting death of his 16-year-old wife of only 44 days, Kathleen Connally "K.K." Hale (daughter of future Texas Governor, John Connally).[6] Kathleen was pregnant and the couple eloped to Ardmore, Oklahoma. They were married on March 16, 1959, and moved to Tallahassee, Florida where Hale found work for a boating company and K.K. worked at a ten cent store. [7] The couple was living in a small apartment for a month, when Kathleen was killed by an accidental .20 gauge shotgun blast below her right ear. Kathleen's family blamed Hale, but John Connally himself thought it might have been a suicide pact that Hale backed out of....

.....On August 7, 1962, prior to living in Alaska, Hale and his twin brother "Bobby" Hale were observed by an FBI agent as they burglarized the Los Angeles apartment of Judith Exner, who claimed to be a mistress of President John F. Kennedy.[8][9]

A Good Life - Page 130

Ben Bradlee.

...The offer came from Frank Pace, then Secretary of the Army, former Budget Bureau Director, and later the young president of General Dynamics. He had never heard of me, but he was married to Wistar Janney's sister, and one night at the Janneys' he mentioned he was


Frank Pace Jr. Joins Time Inc. Directors
‎Hartford Courant - Apr 25, 1960
Frank Pace Jr., chairman ot the board and chief executive officer ot General Dynamics ... A joint announcement from Time Inc. Editor-in-Chief Henry R. Luce and. ......

Evidence Implies Order Expected by Dynamics
‎Hartford Courant - Nov 21, 1963
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senate probers produced evidence Wednesday that a top executive of the General Dynamics Corp., claimed "reasonably strong indications" far in advance that the firm would win the huge, disputed TFX warplane... tract. Frank Pace, who has since resigned, was named as the . Deputy Secretary of Defense Roswell L. Gilpatric, testifying before the Senate Investigations subcommittee, swor he had no idea where Pace could have received such information.
Former Legal Adviser
Gilpatric is a former legal adviser to General Dynamics whose role in the TFX contract negotiations is under senatorial fire. He described Pacej as his close friend. Earlier in the day. Chairman John L. McClellan. D-Ark., told Gilpatric that he should have disqualified himself from having anything to do with the contract award, to avoid any possible allegations of conflict of in-i terest. I The subcommittee is investi-. gation whether favoritism' steered the contract to General Dynamics last December. Gilpatric and others in the Defense Department's civilian command overruled military I evaluations that a rival design and bid by the Boeing Co. of Seattle promised a better, cheaper version. Costly Project
The Pentagon estimates the TFX project will cost between $5 billion and $7.5 billion. This would make it the largest in Pentagon history .
I The subcommittee produced a! document dated "July 1961" in! which Pace, top official of Gen-; eral Dynamics' Fort Worth, \ Tex., division, told its top management: "There are reasonably strong indications that Fort Worth's proposed -: ration offers the only approach] that can satisfy both Air Force and Navy requirements" for (or the TFX. ! McClellan said this was "a, month and seven days" before the Pentagon had even complet-1 ed a statement of design re-! " Where," he demanded, "was the source of these reasonably strong indications?

New York Times - Nov 19, 1963
...The session brought out that ,Mr. Gilpatric was influential in j Continued on Page 17, Column 3 GILPATRIC S ROLE ON TFX QUERIED Continued From Page 1, Col. 2 bringing the General Dynamics account to his law firm, that Maurice Moore, senior partner of the firm, was named to the General Dynamics board of directors one month after the TFX contract was awarded to the company. -Gilpatric's former law firm was named counsel for General Dynamics at the same time. -Gilpatric acknowledged that he spent about onefourth of his time as a lawyer during 2i4 years in the late 1950's handling General Dynamics matters, and GD paid his firm $111000 in legal fees during this same period....."


Luce Aides: 'No Drastic Changes'; 3 He Picked to Run Empire...
‎New York Times - Mar 6, 1967
Luce last Monday, the day before he died in Phoenix, Ariz. ... Paul G. Hoffman, Samuel Meek, Maurice T. Moore and Frank Pace Jr. ' Mr. Luce, who was also on .....

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While Obama, like all Presidents since November 22, 1963, does the will of his masters, he could at least summon up the courage to call publicly for the release of all withheld documents from the assassinations of the 1960s (and the Wallace shooting as well). Since the goverment officially claims each crime was the resulf of a lone gunman, what possible "national security" concerns could explain why they haven't been released to the public?

This is an issue that exemplifies why the "left" and "right" paradigm is phony. No one can justify keeping these documents locked away, and indeed nearly everyone that comments on the issue declares they are personally in favor of releasing them. And yet they remain withheld. That shouldn't happen in a democracy, or a constitutional republic.

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