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As the 50th anniversary approaches......

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As the 50th anniversary approaches, it is my fervent hope that before Nov. 22, 2013, a crucial item of new direct evidence will emerge publicly that will cause everyone to look at the moment of President Kennedy’s assassination from a different angle, conclusive in nature. If such were to happen, it would be a major step towards bringing closure to the festering and debilitating controversy that has had such a devastating effect on the American psyche for the past five decades.

It is in the best interests of the country that the key questions surrounding the JFK assassination be answered soon in the most credible manner, just as it was in the best interests of the country then that the assassination of President Lincoln be solved, which in that case fortunately happened quickly. New direct evidence could possibly, even likely, bring solutions to two enduring mysteries, the “Who” of the Kennedy assassination and the “Why” of Watergate.

If such crucial evidence, however unlikely, were to emerge in the coming months before the November anniversary, credit should largely go to members of this forum, founded and headed by historian John Simkin, together with non-members and other groups who have unceasingly built the case for conspiracy brick by brick, day after day, for 50 years. Unless it is laid to rest to the general satisfaction of the American people, rather than dying down the storm over who killed JFK will continue to gather furious strength in the years ahead, boding ill for public trust in the nation’s government that is already at an historic low.

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