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Gary Murr has asked me to post this announcement about the forthcoming publication of his research on the wounding of Governor John Connally.

To all forum members.
The following multi-volume work on the wounding of John Connally will be available August 1, 2013. Over 1800 pages in total length and containing more than 200 illustrations and photographs,
it represents the culmination of over 20 years of in-depth research from a wide variety of sources including interviews, various archival holdings and the first detailed incorporation of documents from the
J. Lee Rankin files as well as materials on the subject matter generated by the Warren Commission and the HSCA. Final pricing structures and other details will be released in the near future.
Edited by James R Gordon
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Having had the opportunity to read just a bit of Gary's research I want to heartily recommend it. Its depth and detail is virtually unmatched.

With luck it appears that we will finally be able to have Gary discuss some of it in person at the Dallas conference this fall.

Gary has done a truely awesome job which serious researchers will greatly admire!

-- Larry

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I would like to agree that this work by Gary Murr is quite astonishing.

It is no secret that Gary's work is the prime source to my research. Throughout my conversations with Gary, I have had access to a substantial portion of his research.

Both Gary's announcement, which I made on his behalf, as well as Larry's generous compliment just touch the enormity of what Gary has achieved. When I first got to know about this work it was a single volume in excess of 2,500 pages. Later Gary decided to edit this work into its present three volumes. However the pertinent point is the breadth of this research. I remember saying to Gary, when I first got to know about it, "how, on earth, can someone write 3 volumes about John Connally's wounding?" It is the answer to that question that disguises the extraordinary achievement of Gary Murr. The subtitle of the work is the "Wounding of John Connally." Why this work is quite breath taking, is because although the arc narrative is indeed focused on the wounding of John Connally; the breadth of the work is a narration of the workings of the Warren Commission as well as the HSCA and how they approached their work especially with reference to the wounding of John Connally.

What is also quite breath taking is not just the size of this work, but the detail of the work. I remember Gary commenting to me that when he buys a book he often goes to the footnotes. He informed me that it is there he finds the real gems of the research. Well having access to these footnotes all i can say is that the footnotes are worth the purchase of the book.

Today, in a personal message, Jeff Shaw commented that my recently published work on John Connally's wounding might be the reference work to his injury. I am proud of that work. However I need to point out, the source of that work is this trilogy written by Gary Murr. Though i would be proud if people see my work as shining light on the injuries sustained by John Connally, if any work is to be the definitive work on the injuries of John Connally then, in my view, it is this trilogy of books by Gary Murr.


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