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Reframing history? 6thFM gets its spin out on the limo...

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Interesting article with tidbits of information. Behind it, of course, is the 6th Floor Museum and, of course, its spokesperson, GM.

As we near the 50th, look for more trolling about the limo.

It is, after all, the primary crime scene of the assassination, and everyone knows it, even (especially after the DC program ITTC) the 6th FM. :-)

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I agree. I think GM will work especially hard to be that 'megaphone' in regards to the limo, especially as a result of ITTC, it has become obvious to the public that the limo is the primary crime scena, not DP, and all information pertaining to it needs to be sanitized and made 'safe'. That means there will be no emphasis given to the timeline of what happened to the limo, much less to the rapid rebuild designed to get the limo out of the way prior to the WC reenactment. I will, of course, be addressing these issues and more in my NID presentation.

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