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Why We Do This?

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JFKCountercoup2: Why We Do This?

Why We Do This?

The reason we do this - investigate the assassination - is because its an adventure, it’s a great adventure - no matter where or when you pick it up - and begin to ask questions - it’s a great adventure where the treasure being sought is the truth.

And it’s an obtainable truth - one that does answer the ultimate questions - who, what, when, where, how and why JFK died?

There’s a series of 1970s B-grade modern western movies - the Story of Billy Jack - a medal of honor special ops veteran - and the theme song “One Tin Soldier,” which became a big hit, about the wars between nations - and all of the death and destruction over a purported treasure - that when finally acquired - was a simple message - Peace on Earth Goodwill Towards Men,” or something like that.

We don’t do it for revenge or even justice - like you would if you were avenging the murder of a brother or your dog - as in “Odessa File” or “The Shooter.”

We don’t do it for justice - and I’ll tell you why - because they were the ruthless, vindictive killers, certainly sociopaths - and we are not.

This is best exemplified by Dr. Anne Stevens, sister to US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, assassinated by radical Islamic terrorists in Bengahzi. When Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called Dr. Stevens to relate her condolences, Clinton said, “We will find out who did this and get them and bring them to justice.”

“Chris was not about justice,” she said of her brother, and indeed, even a cursory overview of Chris Stevens’ life shows you he was not about justice, but about something else, something even more valuable.

And while the law and those sworn to enforce it do have the responsibility of seeking justice, and seeing that justice is served, that is not our responsibility. Our responsibility is to the Truth, and let Justice take its own course.

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While I hate this to sound defeatist... we KNOW the Truth and it scares the living heck out of anyone who knows it for what it is - the TRUTH about humanity.

We investigate the assassination because that's exactly what the SPONSORS wanted... to have it remain a question with many answers... rather than a single answer with many questions.

What other event created the mass of "available" info that this does?

What other event (other than MLK and RFK) remains in the public eye ... has the wealth of evidence of all sorts... and remains not only unsolved, but virtually unknowable in its breadth and depth... AND STILL HOLDS THE PUBLIC INTEREST

There is simply no example in all of human history to show that humans are a cooperative species over the long term. In fact, we are called the human RACE... we define our existance by evolution's SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

Someone wins and many, many lose. Especially in the dark areas of the world where no one is watching.

TRUTH IS everyday there are a few winners and massive losers...

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

I find this to be the truth in almost all aspects of life. At a certain level, life is a string of accidents and happenstance.

But when there are clear winners and losers... those that benefitted and those that suffered....

You can be fairly sure that a specific group of our species is working together to achieve the end result.

I agree with some of the points Bill makes... not for justice and not revenge...

yet I disagree that TRUTH is the reason we do this.

Look at what the TRUTH movement did to cigarette smoking... we KNEW the truth about cigarettes... it became a matter of awareness.

(and people KNOWING IT WILL KILL THEM still choose to smoke)

With this movement there was something to UNDO... get people to stop smoking, to ban 2nd hand smoke, to protect ourselves and our children.

Our expectation is that humanity itself will change... that those with the power will somehow become benevolent as opposed to having alterior motives in EVERY case.


Humanity, you never had it to begin with.

Charles Bukowski

Humanity -

: the quality or state of being humane

Definition of HUMANE

1: marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals
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