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Here are a few JFK-related videos from my video archives (some of them recently added). I thought some people here might be interested in them. And if anybody has any requests for video or audio material they'd like to see in this thread, please let me know. If I've got the requested item, I'll post it.







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David - what do you make of RFK Jr.'s recent statements regarding his father's private comments about the WC?

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I'm not quite sure what to make of RFK Jr's comments. They are interesting, indeed. And it's difficult to just summarily dismiss a person like Robert Kennedy Jr.

But I do know that the evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald is still there and in place and (IMO) as valid and "legit" today as it was on 11/22/63.

I realize that a whole lot of people vehemently disagree with my last statement, but I think it's a true statement nonetheless (with or without the recent RFK/RFK Jr. development).

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Your video of Robert Kennedy speaking, during the California primary is an excellent example of why he was so popular by that time. Yes, you are right that he does indeed make it clear that he is in agreement with the Commissions' conclusion.

However in David Talbot's book "Brothers" it is made clear that from the very first days Robert Kennedy was very suspicious as to what happened and indeed did some investigation on his own. David Talbot makes clear that Robert Kennedy used up quite a bit of energy looking into what happened. I actually doubt that in the middle of an election campaign, he would go on record criticising the Warren Commission. Politically the only road open to, at least until he was President himself, would have been to support the Commission. The repercussions from openly criticising the Commission during a Presidential election, would be severe and would most likely divert his campaign off track.

That said no one has been able to track the comment that Robert Kennedy apparently made suggesting he would re-investigate JFK's assassination. It may just be legend and was never said.

Therefore I agree that this is an ambiguous situation. What is true is that even by June of 1968 Robert Kennedy found the death of JFK still so painful that he found it difficult to refer to JFK other than in oblique terms, like the speech announcing MLK's assassination.

Although the question is surrounded in ambiguity I suspect his son is right and that Robert Kennedy may well have looked into the assassination had he lived to be President.


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I suspect his son is right and that Robert Kennedy may well have looked into the assassination had he lived to be President.

That is always possible, I suppose. But if he had done so, do you really think that such an RFK-approved Commission/Committee would have found the "key" or "smoking gun" that would have unlocked a conspiracy in JFK's murder?

IOW -- What would RFK's Commission have uncovered that wasn't investigated and explored by the HSCA in the 1970s?

Do you, James, believe the HSCA was corrupt? Or completely incompetent? Or were they honestly trying to figure out who murdered John Kennedy?

And does anyone really think that an "RFK Commission" would have come within a country mile of supporting the beliefs and theories that are endorsed by many conspiracy theorists here in the 21st century (the "Oswald Never Fired A Shot" theorists, that is)?

Can anyone truly believe that a proposed RFK investigation would have come to the following bottom-line conclusions regarding the events of 1963?:

We, the Commission impaneled to examine the assassination of John F. Kennedy at the request of President Robert F. Kennedy, have concluded that accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire any of the shots that resulted in JFK's death. Moreover, the Commission further finds that Oswald was framed for JFK's murder and was also framed for the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit as well. Oswald did not kill Tippit. The Commission has also concluded that Oswald was wrongly identified as the person who shot at Retired Major General Edwin A. Walker on April 10, 1963. The Warren Commission's investigation of these events was woefully inept and its conclusions entirely inaccurate. This (RFK) Commission has further concluded that many members of law enforcement at both the local (Dallas) and federal (FBI and Secret Service) levels were very likely involved in planting and/or manufacturing false evidence in order to frame Mr. Oswald for the murders of John Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

It's kind of hard to believe, but the above simulated "RFK Commission" conclusions are just exactly what many, many conspiracy theorists think DID happen in 1963. Therefore, per those conspiracists, if the "whole truth" were to ever be written up in an official U.S. Government report, we would have to see the above words written in such a report (or words to that effect at any rate).

Now, can you begin to imagine any Government committee reaching ANY of those far-fetched and utterly insane conclusions (let alone ALL of them!) after examining all of the evidence in the JFK, Tippit, and Walker cases? It's laughable beyond belief. And always has been.

In short, an "RFK Commission" would have reached the very same conclusion that the Warren Commission and the HSCA reached -- Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and J.D. Tippit. And that's because the evidence doesn't even begin to suggest any other rational conclusion.

David Von Pein

June 10, 2013




Defending The Warren Commission Report (1966)

Three Warren Commission counsel members (Joseph Ball, Wesley Liebeler, and Albert Jenner) can be heard in this radio program as they answer questions from several callers relating to the Commission's investigation of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Originally aired on KCBS-Radio in San Francisco, California, on November 7, 1966:


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