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WW 1 the last day

David S. Brownlee

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The last day was actualy something that my uncle never got over.

He was ordered up on the second line at 10:30 when the armistist was to go at 11:00

General Preshing had ordered that they would fight until the last minute. The first "wave" went over the top at around 10:00.

German machine gunners were actually waving the white flag and telling them to just stop...but they didn't

6000 American boys (and a few Canadians)...went over the top.

They were greated by Germans who told thenm to "Go Back, it's OVER!"

The Officers behind them urged them on - foreward - and when the German machine gunners saw that they intended to kil them (in the last moments of the war) they did the only thing they could do - they opened up on them with their machine guns - and killed three thousand men in 10 minutes.

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