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I have just had this email from America about my Ku Klux Klan page. I thought it gave an interesting insight to the way the British are seen by a racist from the Deep South.

Read your internet article on the Klan, I'm not a member but your

article sucked. Why don't you write about all the black gangs that are

killing whites and other races, or the black gangster disciples, or the

Kings, or the BLACK PANTHERS?????? They are just as if not more racist

than the Klan and have done things much worse than the inhuman torture

you speak of the Klan doing. Pull your British head out of your

posterior region, have a cup of tea, and go judge American Idol or yell

God Save the Queen or something. But quit writing about things that you

have no idea what you're talking about.


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It sounds more authentic in Redneck:

Read yer internet article on th' Klan, ah's not a member but yer article sucked, cuss it all t' tarnation. Whuffo' doesn't yo' write about all th' black gangs thet is killin' whites an' other races, o' th' black gangster disciples, o' th' Kin's, o' th' BLACK PANTHERS?????? They is jest as eff'n not mo'e racist than th' Klan an' haf done thin's much wo'se than th' inhoomin to'ture yo' speak of th' Klan doin'. Pull yer British haid outcher posterio' region, haf a cup of tea, an' hoof it judge South Car'linan Idol o' yell God Save th' Queen o' sumpin. But quit writin' about thin's thet yo' haf no idea whut yer talkin' about.

I had it translated by the Dialectizer:


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In four years I have had probably fewer than ten abusive messages - all of which apparently came from students browsing my Web site while at school. These were not really personal, so much as the outbursts of frustrated teenagers.

Against this, I can balance thousands of messages expressing good will and appreciation. And many of those have led to friendships, meetings and opportunities for collaborative working, writing commissions and more.

Like John, I have also had contact from people who have information and ideas to share - and I always include such information on the relevant documents, with an attribution or acknowledgement.

We get one or two abusive emails/forum posts from students every month or so. Fortunately we can track the ip details of everyone who visits and interacts with the site. Our policy is to always pass on details of the offending comments to (1) the ICT Head at the school concerned and (2) the Headmaster. It works a treat. A grovelling apology from the student concerned is usually following close behind.

I think the reality is that there will always be a small minority of idiots whose immaturity allows them to offend and abuse (it is so much easier when filling our a feedback form or forum topic!). But these kind of responses are always outweighed by the goodwill and positive feedback from the majority


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