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Who is this man?

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Who is this man? This has driven me crazy for years. Is he Lee Oswald? His eyes are brown (Remember Marina lifting his eyelid -- to see eye color?) and he looks like a total jerk. He looks like the boy who was loud and obnoxious to his mother in John Armstrong's book. Look at his teeth? Is this the real Oswald?

Yours Truly,

Kathy C


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Have you compared to this one?



P.s Sorry it's quite a way down the page!

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Yes, Ian, that is a picture of the real Lee Oswald as a kid. There are several pictures of

him. And he probably is the man in the picture I posted. IMO.

Ken, I originally came across this photo on Rich's site. And then I saw it again on Armstrong's CD.

I think this young man was quietly killed after Harvey died. There was a story that he

jumped into a Rambler car and was taken to Redbird Airport, where they sent him

somewhere. Then how did he have the time to hang out in the Texas Theater and

leave with 2 cops from the back door?

Something was going on here. Supposedly there were a group of left-wingers who

infiltrated the plot of the Kennedy Assassination. They knew where the shooters were

and they were there to physically stop the shooters from killing Kennedy. But they didn't

arrive at Dealey Plaza until Kennedy was on Houston Street. They couldn't stop it.

Now, this is from things I've read over the years. I don't know how true it is. They

landed at Redbird Airport very late. Phil Ochs was involved in some left wing group. He can be

seen standing in front of the Dal-Tex building after Kennedy was shot.

Kathy C

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