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Who Was "M. Wesley" ?

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From John Newman's Oswald and the CIA, pp. 257-258:

"It is remarkable how many threads of information eventually weave themselves into a part of the Oswald story. The FBI had an informant in Hemming's Interpen group, and much of his reporting was naturally cross-filed into Hemming's ONI files. An example of this was the obscure but engaging piece of filing information we set aside earlier in this chapter - that an April 24, 1962, FBI report on Robert James Dwyer in Hemming's file showed that the final ONI destination for this document was "F5." Perhaps this was routine in the Navy, but it rarely appears elsewhere in the JFK collection.

This office might have been in 923F, the Personnel Branch of ONI's Administrative Division (923), but if so, it was not listed in the documents consulted for this study. It was probably an F5 branch in the same general part of ONI - Administration and Security (921) - that was handling the job of excerpting the Hemming material for final filing. This would make the full designation "921F5," which is worth mentioning because the only other document in the JFK files from 921F5 has an intriguing person's name on it. The document makes a brief reference to a discussion by "M. Wesley" of a "complete file" and "case history" on Interpen. (footnote 127) Even though it may be only a coincidence, it is an intriguing fact that there is a mysterious person by the name of "Wesley" who shows up in Mexico City after (or perhaps during) Oswald's visit there and makes his way into Oswald's FBI file."

On page 581, footnote 127 reads:

"NARA, JFK files, NIS [Naval Investigative Service] (3 boxes) 1994 release, box 1. Cross-reference sheet prepared by 921E/jgr on June 11, 1962 for an FBI report of May 28, 1962 regarding the 30th of November Revolutionary Movement, with serial number 105-92196."



1) Does one have to visit the National Archives to read the document described in the footnote, or is it viewable online?

2) Could "M. Wesley" have been FBI agent M. Wesley Swearingen (who retired in 1977 and has written some excellent books implicating the FBI in the coverup)?

3) Does anyone know how to go about finding the file(s) mentioning "Wesley" who, Newman says, was in M.C. after (or perhaps even during) Oswald's visit there and who, Newman says, shows up in Oswald's FBI files? (No, not Buell Wesley Frazier!)


--Tommy :sun

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I have Swearingen's book To Kill A President, and it seems like he worked Cuban counter-intelligence in FBI and worked with Mark Felt and Rhoemer, Sullivan and others in the Bureau, and also developed an undercover Cuban Exile informant who was in on the CIA-Mafia deals, who he calls "Ramon."

One of the problems with Swearingen's book is that he tells you what he knows through quoted conversations he has with his bosses and informants, so its almost fictional.

There's a chapter on Gerry Hemming, but I don't see anything on Interpen, though it appears that he did work CI for FBI and the "M. Wesley" mentioned in the file is M. Wesley Sweringen - FBI.


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No did not know him in those days. He lives nearby and we talked a

few times. We both knew other Bureau people and operations

he mentions.

Mainly what he has said and has written exposes what he and I know

as fact in great detail.

Just read Bill's post above on M. Wesley S. Thanks Bill


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Did not know Wes. in those days, but delt with some Bureau people

locations and operations he mentions. He lives nearby and we talked

a few times. What he said and has written expose how it was and is

known to us both.

Bill, thanks for the info. above re; M. Wesley S.

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