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Walt Brown's epic "JFK Chronology" now available

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

Walt Brown:

"Perhaps of equal interest is the "JFK Chronology" which has been available for six weeks now. At almost 32,000 pages, it was necessarily a CD-rom, but it's packed with a great deal of previously unreleased data and analysis."

Robert Groden has called Walt Brown a "walking encyclopedia" on the JFK assassination.

Joan Mellon says he is a "treasure" known for his "accuracy and knowledge."

Cyril Wecht says Chronology of the JFK Assassination is " a truly phenomenal literary achievement."

Walt Brown's email contact is: KIASJFK@aol.com . Walt is also selling his books and memorabilia on the JFK assassination. You can mail him a check to his home address (which Walt said was ok to post) at:

Walt Brown

37 E. Liberty Ave.

Hillsdale, NJ 07642

Order, etc., form

_____1. The JFK Chronology, at 31,700+ pages, is $89.95 for the first copy, and $45 for up to four additional copies. Purpose: outreach, an absolute necessity.

2. Donations. If the JFK/DPQ family and additional interested researchers are to succeed in the goal of getting the Chronology in 1,000 libraries, it is going to cost some money. You certainly do not need to donate the retail or half-price costs to donate to multiple sites, but please give as you can. Further along, please list any libraries that you would want to receive a copy “from you.”

3. Attribution: I will include a cover letter with each copy sent to a library, university, or archive, and I would like the gift of the Chronology to be from as many of “us” as possible. On the line below, you can write your full name, or, i.e., “Joe from Wyoming.” (Or leave it blank.)

Name/alias: ____________________________

Libraries: _________________________




4. Continued journal: I will keep the JFK/DPQ going, as an e mail attachment, if 100 people send back their e mail address. There have been many calls to keep it going, but now it’s crunch time.

E mail address: ____________________________

JFK Collectible Auction

With some regret(s), I will also be selling off a lifetime accumulation of JFK collectibles—in some cases, one of a kind items that would probably command large $$ on eBay (“minimum bid” in parenthesis). To bid, e mail to KIASJFK@aol.com, and you’ll get a reply letting you know the status of your bid. Or you can telephone and get the same information.

This auction will close at 12:30 p.m., CST on November 22, 2013—for reasons that should be obvious. Winners will be notified as soon as possible thereafter. Please bid on one or many. It’s a good cause.

Autographs Books--signed

Connally—photo ($50) Caroline Kennedy ($100)

“ -- card ($40) J.E. Hoover ($150)

“ --letter ($50) James Earl Ray ($500)

Oscar Huber ($100) Weisberg—Whitewash I,II,III,IV ($30 ea)

Sarah T. Hughes ($75) G. Ford—limited ed. Bk. ($350)

Marina Oswald— David Atlee Phillips ($300)

--four signatures, all Ted Sorensen ($100)

different, Russian, Eng. ($250) Pierre Salinger ($50)

H. Gonzalez---photo ($25) Stuart Udall ($30)

Terry Sanford photo ($25) Phil Melanson ($30)

Gerry Ford photo ($100) People v. LHO galley (1 of a kind, $100)*

“ letter ($75) Treachery in Dallas, galley, ($100)*

John Abt (rare, $75) People v. Oswald, with 50+ signatures,

J. Leavelle photo ($5) Marina, Brehm, J. Hill, Crenshaw, Hoch,

H. Boggs, letter ($30) Lifton, Marrs, Davis, Rike, Lane, Prouty,

Curry, Westbrook, and Turner, Noguchi, Tunheim, Purdy,

Glen King on DPD doc. ($200) --a piece I’ve carried 20 years ($2,500).

Other: The last surviving “step” from the staircase in the backyard photos, with provenance (no m.b.); Opening program, 1931, Texas Theatre, w/ 2 unused tickets ($100); Dallas PD Badge and I.D. ($200) One complete set of ten “Fox negatives” ($750). A styrofoam head, showing JFK’s wounds, signed by the late Paul O’Connor. Good luck bidding. Please entitle e mails “Auction bid” or “Auction question.” Again, thanks.

*such items of mine will be signed and inscribed as the winner chooses.

I also have hundreds of JFK books that my eyes will not be reading again; although not autographed, it is a wide-ranging collection. If interested in any titles, e mail or call. Many of these are getting very expensive, even through Amazon.

Thank you, one and all, for your help.

Edited by Robert Morrow
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