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New York TImes Whistles past the Graveyard....of guess who?

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I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this ridiculous FRONT PAGE story in today's New York TImes.

Mystery From the Grave Beside Oswald’s, Solved
Rex C. Curry for The New York Times

Conspiracy theorists have been intrigued for years by the marker beside Lee Harvey Oswald’s. They might be disappointed.


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In fairness to the New York Times, I just stumbled upon this article from last November, about "Alik's" time in Minsk

which to me looks reasonably fair and balanced.


Fair and balanced pieces about Lee Oswald are rarely found in the Times, or just about anywhere else,

as far as I can see.

Anyone who has been reading my posts will know that I believe that Lee Oswald was completely innocent

of any involvement in the assassination, either as a gunman OR as a conspirator, and ditto for the TIppit murder. In my book, Lee was just one of three innocent victims.

Ironically, this puts me (partly) in the same camp as David Von Pein, since we both believe that

he acted alone.

Edited by J. Raymond Carroll
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