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Andrew Field has just launched a commercial downloadable version of his Flash quiz and games software at:

Content Generator.net

This is an exciting and professional product ideal for the creation of online starters and plenaries. Having had a privileged preview of it I can recommend Content Generator very highly.

Andrew Field makes the folowing comments about his new venture:

This teacher-created site offers you the tools to generate your own games, quizzes and activities. Exciting ICT-based eLearning materials can be created with an absolute minimum of effort. Our unique software gives you the chance to harness the power of Macromedia Flash but without any of the technical issues. View a demonstration of the ContentGenerator.net concept.

The ability to customise and create games or activities according to your requirements is fundamental to successful eLearning. You can tailor the challenge to your students' specific needs. As you can save and edit your data files, you can easily create different versions of your eLearning activities. The Flash files you produce are ideal for use on interactive whiteboards, school networks and webpages - you have the freedom to create exactly what you want.

Macromedia Flash is a fantastic educational tool, but requires technical ability. ContentGenerator.net software removes all the technical issues - allowing you to concentrate on the content. You add your own question data and generate your own versions of our engaging, award-winning and challenging online activities.

We really believe we have an unrivalled product that will be of great use to teachers and trainers. The affordable prices for schools, teachers and students make them an essential tool for anyone interested in the potential of e-Learning. Explore our first product - the Penalty Shootout Generator - available for £24.99 with no limit to the number of games you can create.

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Andrew Field has just released a beta version of his Interactive diagrams template. This is an exciting tool which enables students to organise notes, precis complicated material, present what they have learnt during a lesson in diagram form and personalise and individualise their revision diagrams colourfully.

A demonstration of what the software can do can be accessed HERE.

A working example I have created this morning for my A Level Sociology class can be accessed HERE

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