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COPA needs YOUR help in getting Ernst Titovets, Oswald's friend, to Dallas conference in November!

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow
Folks, I suggest you call your Congressman as well about this and ask them to put pressure on the US Embassy in Belarus or the State Department to grant Titovets a visa.
Tell them Titovets, a key Russian friend of Oswald, is an important speaker at a key academic conference on the JFK assassination and he must be allowed to travel to Dallas. Here is Ernst's web page: http://etitovets.com/Titovets_dream.html
Robert Morrow 512-306-1510

One of our scheduled and confirmed keynote speakers for this year's COPA conference in Dallas, Ernst Titovets, was Oswald's best friend in Minsk and has written a fascinating book about that period, Oswald: Russian Episode. He got a surprisingly hostile reception at his interview at the American Conuslate in Minks, Beylarus for his travel visa to the US for our conference. He has asked that polite letters be sent to the Consulate and Embassy on his behalf by people attending COPA who want to hear his talk. It has been a month since the interview with no response. I wrote and got an unsigned letter saying it was under consideration, a form letter. I asked two former Congress Members to write, and several prominent people. Please do not be hostile or critical in the letters, just send your support for him getting the visa. Thanks - John Judge

United States Embassy in Belarus

46 Starovilenskaya St.

Minsk 220002, Belarus

Telephones: +375 17 210-12-83

+375 17 217-7347

+375 17 217-7348

Fax: +375 17 234-78-53

After hours or in emergency call +375 17 226-16-01

E-mail: webmaster@usembassy.minsk.by

Consular Section
Chargé d’Affaires ad interim (Chief of Mission) – Ethan A. Goldrich

Address: 46 Starovilenskaya St.

Minsk 220002, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 210-12-83 or +375 17 334-77-61

Fax: +375 17 217-71-60

E-mail: ConsularMinsk@state.gov

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 8.30 to 17.30 except Belarusian and American holidays.

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