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Mark Lane audio interview: Did the Secret Service help kill JFK?

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From Mark Lane's book - Last Word,

Book Three

The Secret Service

Abraham Bolden

He was called the Jackie Robinson of the United States Secret Service. Since I knew Jackie, I knew that it was not a simple accolade and that it encompassed an onslaught of racism and unearned suffering. It has been aid that such pain is redemptive. That may be so, but not necessarily in this world.

Abraham Bolden was the first African American to be assigned to the White House detail to protect the president as a member of the United States Secret Service. John Kennedy had personally invited him. Many of his new colleagues were former hard - drinking police officers, born and raised in Southern states, who referred to President Kennedy as a "n lover' who was "screwing up the country" with his civil rights initiatives. Some Secret Service agents assigned to the White House detail said that if shots were fired at the president, they would take no action to protect him. A few of the Agents said that they would resign from the Secret Service rather than give up their lives to shield him Abe Bolden heard those and similar assertions many times.

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Unlike some other national leaders who ignored their Secret Service agents who were always present, Kennedy made sure that they were comfortable, and he engaged them in conversations about matters unrelated to their wok assignments. When the president passed by, he often stopped to chat with Bolden, asking about his family and sending his regards to them. This seemed to outrage Agent Harvey Henderson, Bolden's immediate supervisor.

Bolden vividly recalled the scene when Henderson was seated on a couch drinking beer and staring at him in a room with other agents. Henderson said, "Bolden." Abe acknowledged the greeting, " Yeah, Harvey." Then staring at Bolden and speaking slowly to emphasize each word, Henderson said," I'm going to tell you something and I don't want you to ever forget it. You're a n. You were born a n, and when you die you'll still be a n. You will always be nothing but a n. So act like one!" The other agents present were silent.

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