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I have recently finished reading "Nemesis: Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle that Brought Down the Kennedys." Nemesis is a great book and an absolute must read for anyone interested in RFK's assassination. Peter Evans is a great writer and a great researcher. He conducted a huge number of interviews to produce the book. Nemesis is both very readable and very well researched. Peter Evans lays out a compelling case that Aristotle Onassis was involved in the plot to kill RFK. Onassis himself confessed to financing RFK's assassination. The first part of the book is background on Onassis, his hatred for Bobby Kennedy, and a whole bunch of Kennedys screwing around in almost every possible combination. However, the meat of the book starts in chapter 18 and continues for most of the rest of the book. This is the case that Onassis financed the RFK assassination.

RFK's assassination is not nearly as well understood as JFK's assassination. In the past, I have done a bit of reading and researching RFK's assassination, so I understand the widely known aspects of the plot. I had assumed that most of the information about RFK's assassination had been lost to the sands of time, so I was surprised that Evans was able to discover such a large chunk.

Onassis is brought into the plot to kill RFK by David Karr. I have tried to do what internet research I could on David Karr, but I get very little. Karr was clearly a spook of some sort, and he had ties to the Russians. But beyond that, not too much is clear to me. Karr is the one who connects Onassis with Mahmoud Hamshari. Onassis agrees to fund Hamshari, and Hamshari goes to LA does some stuff and meets William Joseph Bryan. Hamshari is a Palestinian who has high level connections with the PLO. It seems that Hamshari was involved in the organizational effort that led to Sirhan Sirhan confronting RFK.

Of all the people mentioned in Nemesis, David Karr is the one the highest up the organizational chart of the RFK assassination. It is Karr who recruits Onassis into the plot. Karr is the one who puts Hamshari in touch with William Joseph Bryan. And Karr is the one who meets with Lyndon Johnson on April 3rd, 1968. From Nemesis page 170: "But shortly after Karr's visit to the Oval Office, Eugene McCarthy saw Johnson, and when he brought up the subject of Bobby's presidential run, 'The president said nothing: instead he drew a finger across his throat, silently, in a slitting motion.'"

Peter Evans sticks to laying out the facts, and he does not speculate much about what can be surmised from these facts. Evans also may not have fully comprehended the breadth of the plot to kill RFK. Evans justifiably focuses on Onassis' role in the plot. But given the information that Evans provides, it may be possible to extrapolate some more from what he writes.

It seems that just as the plot to kill JFK was designed to point at the Cubans and Russians, the plot to kill RFK was designed to point to the PLO, Onassis and maybe through Karr, the Russians. The plot to kill RFK was masterful in its level of nuance and indirection. If people pulled on the Sirhan Sirhan thread, they would have gotten to the PLO, and if they followed the money, they would have gotten to Onassis. Whoever designed the ultimate plot to kill RFK was able to use Onassis' hatred for Bobby and his desire to get Bobby out of the way so Onassis could marry Jackie to set up Onassis as a patsy. I doubt Onassis understood what he was signing up for until it was too late. And if anyone follows Onassis up the chain, they get to David Karr who is so murky and connected to the Russians that even sophisticated observers would have had to wonder who was really behind the assassination.

The reasons that I do not think that Karr or Onassis are the ultimate sponsor of the plot to kill RFK is that neither of them had access to MKULTRA assassins, and neither of them had access to the mechanisms to control the local investigation into RFK's assassination. Whoever was the ultimate sponsor needed control of these pieces. And we see through David Morales' connection to the LAPD investigation that there are CIA ties there.

Hamshari was a radical Palestinian, however, he was so extreme in his suggestions that the PLO kill a high profile American on American soil that the Palestinian hard liners thought he was crazy. After his suggestion for a high level assassination in the US is rejected by the PLO leadership, Hamshari goes ahead and engages in this plot anyway. When the news came out that a Palestinian had killed RFK, the PLO leadership thought that this news was about the worst thing that could happen to them. So Hamshari's actions are actually those of someone who was acting to hurt the PLO. A few years later, the PLO leadership found out something about Hamshari or something about what Hamshari did that led the PLO to have Hamshari killed.

So it is possible that Hamshari was an agent of someone outside of the Palestinian world. The most likely candidate for an organization to have penetrated the PLO at the highest levels would be Mosad. I have no evidence to back this up, but it seems less likely that the CIA or some other intelligence service would have these sorts of connections in Israel/Palestine. If this speculation is true (and perhaps there are old Mosad people alive today who could shed some light on this), then it is possible that LBJ through Mosad organized this leg of the RFK assassination. We know that LBJ had an incredibly close working relationship with the Israeli leadership. Please read more on Operation Chaos and the false flag attack on the USS Liberty to get an idea about the sorts of things LBJ was doing with the Israelis. Also keep in mind that LBJ handed Israel its nuclear arsenal. The possibility of an LBJ/Israeli nexus is very strong.

It is worth me stating that my conviction that the ultimate planners of RFK's assassination were the cabal who killed JFK. This cabal absolutely could not allow Bobby Kennedy to become president. They had to kill him, and many people warned Bobby of this. This is part of the reason that I find Karr's meeting with LBJ so important. This meeting is a direct connection between the mastermind of JFK's assassination and the highest level person we know to be involved in RFK's assassination.

For someone with a huge amount of time and energy, I suspect that important new information can still be learned about David Karr.

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