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Over 400 people killed to cover up Iran-Contra and related fraud.

Mark Gorton

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From Al Martin's "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider", page 8:

"From 1987 to 1991, I cooperated with every Democrat investigating committee in Washington investigating Iran-Contra and later investigating Iraqgate, BCCI, BNL, etc. from the early stages of the Kerry Commission hearings in 1987 to the Tower Commission, the Hughes Commission and the Alexander Commission. ....

Of the 1,300 witnesses, subpoenaed, deposed, interrogated before these committees, 413 have since died under clouded circumstances."

And on page 17:

"(When Bill Casey headed the Agency, he would remark privately that his sense of honor was such that 'American police officers should not be liquidated unless absolutely necessary.')

Regarding Operation Sledgehamemer -- all those who ever attempted to publicly disseminate any genuine documents or information have now been liquidated, some 36 people in all.

(Paul) Wilcher, by the way, was murdered by a guy named Eddy Castille, who is employed by Department 4 (Domestic Wet Operations, or DWO) of the Agency. He is one of their shooters.

Castille inspires so much fear within the community that the very mention of his name in context of what he does has proven to be a death sentance -- or at least a sentence of substantial pressure, harassment and intimidation.

The well known Iran Contra attorney in Texas, Dave Parker, is a notable example of what happens to people who ever mention Castille's name.

Former Army CID investigator Bill McCoy told Parker to keep his mouth shut when Parker was disseminating information about his guy.

After Parker's office was bombed, after his house burned down, after his car was blown up and after he was beaten up three or four times -- he got the message."

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