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Len Colodny hosts research site of his Watergate materials

Douglas Caddy

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From an email sent to me by Len Colodny yesterday, August 24, 2013:


Today www.watergate.com becomes the host of the "Colodny Collection" research site.

Last year, I created a trust, "Colodny Collection, LLC," to hold all my work and work-related materials.

It now includes all my research materials from both "Silent Coup" and "Forty Years War."

This will make all of my research available to anyone who wants to use it.

Along with these materials I am disclosing in full my relationship with Bob Woodward, which started almost 33 years ago, in an article entitled "Bob Woodward Lied to Me, Lied to His Readers and Lied to Our History".

Accompanying the article are the entire and unedited tape recording of my Nov. 19, 1980, telephone conversation with Woodward, and a transcript of that call.

This tape, which was undisclosed until now, is the first known record of the "real" Bob Woodward at work, and shows how he abused the reputation generated by his Watergate reporting.

To the few people who have heard of this call, Woodward has claimed the tape and transcript do not match. Now you can judge for yourself.

This page also contains the three fraudulent stories from the Post, which are at the heart of this story.

"The Colodny Collection" offers evidence that calls into question what was really behind Woodward's role in the "Watergate" story.

The first posting from the "Collection" is "The Woodward/Haig Connection," in which Woodward conceals his true relationship with Gen. Alexander Haig, the former National Security Council aide and White House chief of staff.



Len Colodny
Colodny Collection LLC

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