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Baker Craziness

Stephen Roy

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I've tried to lay back on the Judyth Baker thing for a number of reasons. She never met Ferrie (and probably not Oswald, either), but I have no desire to rain on her parade, cut into sales of her books, etc. But when she seems to obsess about me in print, I feel compelled to set things straight to a narrower audience of interested researchers. I'll address the rest of the craziness in time, but this caught my eye:


I submit an example {of a conflict}, from two 1998 posts to McAdams' newsgroup, made only days between each other.

On 22 Dec. 1998, Blackburst wrote:

In 1958, Ferrie weaseled his way back into the Lakefront squadron.” (From: blackburst@aol.com (Blackburst) REF: Subject: Re: Shackelford Article Date: 22 Dec

Less than a week later, Blackburst altered the information:

March 1958-June 1960 - DF is invited back to the New Orleans Cadet Squadron (Lakefront) as an instructor by a sympathetic former cadet who is now the commander.” From: blackburst@aol.com (Blackburst) (Subject: Re: D.W. Ferrie August 1959 Date: 28 Dec 1998
His patina of 'neutrality' was briefly exposed,
before it was hidden again.


There is NO conflict here. Ferrie was chased out of the squadron in 1954-5 by Wing Executive Officer Ehrlicher. In March 1958, he was invited back by new commander Bob Morrell. Ferrie came back and submitted papers for reinstatement of his CAP rank, but Ehrlicher opposed this at headquarters. Ferrie and Morrell went over his head to Wing Commander Haas and wrote him several self-serving and ass-kissing letters. By September 1959, Ehrlicher relented, Haas approved the paperwork, and Ferrie had weaseled his way back into the squadron.

This is just an example of how Baker tries to find conflicts where none exist.

Another annoying thing is that she keeps saying that I never met Ferrie. True, guilty as charged. Most biographers of people who died young never met their subject. Yes, I never met Ferrie. But neither did Baker.

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Guest Robert Morrow

How do you know Judy Baker has never, ever met David Ferrie? She was in New Orleans in summer of 1963 and knew Oswald who we KNOW met Ferrie in CAP because of that photo.

Even if Judyth Baker were lying or embellishing or making up certain points (just for example) ... how do you KNOW Judyth Vary Baker never met David Ferrie ... not even once?

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