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Symposium on New Evidence

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Bill Kelly suggests we organize a symposium

on new evidence, to wit: The discovery of Prayer Man.

I suggested New Ross, JFK's ancestral hometown, as venue.

On reflection, it occurs to me that London might be more appropriate,

since the final discovery mas made on The Education Forum, and London is probably the most central venue possible for folks from Australia.

Of course New York would suit me best of all.

To make it worthwhile we need Sean Murphy and Richard Hocking as key speakers,

and Gerda Gunckel if we can find her.

Dallas is another venue that would be appropriate

I feel certain that Debra would make room for Prayer Man

if Sean and Richard could make the trip to Dallas for this year's

Lancer symposium

Edited by J. Raymond Carroll
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In regard to a presentation at the Lancer forum, I can;t make any commitments - we have been booked with speakers for months and have several folks on a waiting list.

However, we do have two rooms available and are doing focus groups in the second room. If someone would like to email me a proposal for getting together

a study group on the fellow back in the shadows as well as the overall issues of encounters inside the TSBD I can certainly discuss it with Deb and see what

we can come up with. The whole purpose of the conference is to foster research and dialog and this surely fits.

-- Larry

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J. Raymond -

New Ross for me every time - and (coincidentally) I live about 30-minutes' drive away..!


Hello Chris:

I have wanted to meet you these many years,

since I first read your work on the Z-film.

From a land not known for reticence,

you never speak unless you know whereof you speak,

unlike our bold and brave friend Murphy,

Prayer Man went to an Audie Murphy movie that day,

and no matter where I go

there is always a Murphy in my way

telling me to throw the music away.


Failte to the thread!

New Ross is still in the running for my money,

and I think we should not wait until Thanksgiving,

which is the anniversary.

Edited by J. Raymond Carroll
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