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Milteer In Dallas, Anyone?

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I just stumbled upon this by chance,

and do not recall seeing it discussed here.

Does anyone seriously believe that Milteer was glum-faced and baldy in Dallas


when better evidence tells us


Milteer was hairy and happy in Georgia.


We have no evidence Milteer knew in advance

that Dallas would be the designated kill zone,

do we?

New Evidence of a Conspiracy Uncovered in 'From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle,' by Don Adams! By John G. Kays


MILITANT HATE GROUPS AND THE ULTRA RIGHT WING Although there is no formal link between these factions, there is a very strong likelihood that personnel involved in the assassination also had ties to one or more of these groups: the National States Rights Party, the Minutemen, the Ku Klux Klan, the White Citizens` Council, the American Constitution Party, and various other groups with a similar philosophy. We know that Joseph Milteer, a Right Wing extremist, appeared to have advance knowledge of the plot to kill Kennedy. He described the planned assassination to a police informant in amazing detail. He was later photographed in Dealey Plaza. - Page 414 from High Treason, by Robert J. Groden and Harrison Edward Livingstone - Berkley Books - 1990 (paperback edition).

On Saturday, November 3rd, at around 10:30 AM, I was browsing the shelves ofBook People (here in Austin, Texas), specifically in the `conspiracy section,` when I came upon a new title I`d never seen before, From an OFFICE BUILDING with a HIGH-POWERED RIFLE - A report to the public from an FBI agent involved in the official JFK assassination investigation, by Don Adams (Trine Day 2012). `Well,` I thought to myself, `I`ll probably miss that one,` brazenly thinking I already had mastered everything there was to know about JFK`s assassination, as well as the obvious conspiracy that made that event the most horrific nightmare our nation has ever experienced. In short order, however, I came to believe I

That is, upon more careful examination, I realized Mr. Adams had some actual new evidence to give us, that tends to prove that FBI agents, who he worked for, had to set him up to play what I`ll call a `decoy role` in the cover-up of the assassination. The truth is, Don Adams is still not quite sure how and why senior FBI agents used him in the manner they did. He does know, however, that they did set him up to provide an innocuous report on Joseph Adams Milteer, a right-wing extremist who had foreknowledge that JFK would be shot from an office building with a high-powered rifle. How did Milteer know this on 11/9/1963 (when taped by Willie Somersett in Miami), if he wasn`t in on it?

Well, I did purchase the book, it was expensive, $25, but I needed to know badly what Don Adams had discovered many years later, when he was shown a photograph of Joseph Milteer, that was in the book High Treason. I read that bit (in the book) at Book People and thought to myself, `I had a copy of High Treason at one time, and I remember the photo of Milteer on Main Street watching the presidential motorcade pass by.` That is, I also recall this was pretty much definitely proven to be Milteer, no doubt about it. On Saturday, November 10th, I made a scramble over to the University of Texas General Libraries, and procured a paperback copy of High Treason!

I`m getting a little ahead of myself, sorry; rewind the tape a ways back to the 3rd, when I returned home with the FBI Special Agent in Charge`s (SAC) written account of how he encountered evidence of a conspiracy to kill the president, engineered in part by officers working in his agency, that starts with an assignment he was given by SAC James McMahon on November 13, 1963 to track down Joseph Milteer, who had apparently made death threats towards the President in Indianapolis, Indiana (in October of 1963). Over the next few days, I eagerly read Adams` entire book, practically not believing what he was telling me. I don`t want to spoil it for you, but why had his superiors altered his documents to show Milteer was in Quitman, Georgia at the time of the assassination, when there`s compelling evidence to demonstrate Joseph A. was really in Dallas on that tumultuous, tragic day?

Don Adams publishes many of the false documents he came across at the National Archives when looking about for remnants of his original investigation, conducted in the fall of 1963. Why had his superiors (Royal McGraw, James McMahon, and Charles Harding, from the Atlanta Office) doctored up his reports? That is, he suspects they were the ones who altered his reports and also created new reports that covered up Milteer`s known Dallas visit? *(See Doc # 1 reproduction on page 61, an FBI teletype that falsely claims Milteer was in Quitman on the 22nd).

Why were these FBI agents protecting Joseph Milteer, a known racist, and a well established hater of Kennedy? And why hadn`t they alerted him to the chilling death- threat against the President in Miami on November 9th? This was tape recorded by controversial informant, Willie Somersett, and the FBI Atlanta field office was aware of it, yet they didn`t tell Don Adams about this well documented threat, while (at the same time) sending him on an assignment to investigate Milteer`s shady undertakings (two weeks before the assassination)? Were they bating Joseph A. as a Right Wing patsy, while simultaneously partially protecting him (to deflect the future investigation away from the centrifugal forces of culpability)?

Meticulous examination of the primary documents in Don Adams` monograph is required. Why had they also forged Milteer`s height from 5`8" to 5`5"? The falsification of his height was the basis for eliminating the possibility (by both the Warren Commission and by HSCA) that a person resembling Milteer watched the motorcade breeze by on Main Street. Adams knew he was 5`8" and this would verify his presence in this photograph. Besides, Joseph A. spoke on the phone with Willie Somersett two hours before the assassination. He was calling from Dallas!

After completing Don Adams revelatory confession of how he was duped by his `trusty` FBI colleagues (back in 1963), and after adding it to (and synthesizing it with) what I have already learned over the years (regarding constructs about how the conspiracy was put in place), I began to piece Milteer into the complex puzzle in such a way, that a modicum of compatibility could preside, side by side with well known portions of the plot, that have been transparent from the get go. That is, a great deal of inconsistency need not be factored in (with previous failsafe constructs of connivance and malfeasance).

These conspirators, probably a cabal of rogue CIA agents, but in cantankerous cahoots with various parties of the FBI, and a select few of the ultra-conservative (rich and powerful) oil men (like H. L. Hunt), pitched forth two patsies, either of which could take the blame for killing Kennedy. This was done in order to conceal their own guilt. That is, Lee Oswald was their patsy decoy for the Left, while Joseph A. Milteer was a posturing patsy on the Extreme Right. Yet it is my belief that Milteer was allowed to live; he hadn`t penetrated the centrifuge of the conspiracy. On the other hand, Lee had to die, he worked for the CIA and knew the actual parties who engineered the devastation going down in Dealey Plaza.


Edited by J. Raymond Carroll
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