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Two Questions

Evan Marshall

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Recently on You Tube I saw some footage of the motorcade en route to Parkland. On the way they bypassed several private vehicles. Has any effort ever been made to track these folks down and find out what they saw in the limo?

Also recently came across Will Fritz's "notes" of Oswald's interrogation. It appears the man was only semi-literate AND his notes are totally inadequate.

I did two tours in Detroit homicide and taking of detailed notes was repeatedly emphasized and to write down my thoughts and impressions at the time. These notes would be placed in a misc file inside the homicide file and where not subject to discovery by defense attorneys.

As stupid as it appears Captain Fitz was he should have been smart enough to know this would be the most scrutinized case he ever had and if for no more than self interest they should have been highly detailed UNLESS what Oswald was telling him did not fit the plan.

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