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The FIRST WCE with evidence points to the 5th floor SW corner

David Josephs

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It is not until CE357 that we are finally offered ANY EVIDENCE related to the assassination of JFK in the H&E section of the 26 volumes.

So which is the FIRST WCE that implicates OSWALD ?? Good luck with that.

Mr. SPECTER - Did you tell the police officials at the time you made this statement that there was a Negro gentleman in the window on the southwest corner of the Texas School Book Depository Building which you have marked with a circle "A"--pardon me, southeast?
Mr. ROWLAND - At that time, no. However, the next day on Saturday there were a pair of FBI officers, agents out at my home, and they took another handwritten statement from me which I signed again, and this was basically the same. At that time I told them I did see the Negro man there and they told me it didn't have any bearing or such on the case right then. In fact, they just the same as told me to forget it now.


(ATF AGENT) Ellsworth claims he found the sniper's nest on the sixth floor,

but the "gun was not found on the same floor as the cartridges, but on a lower floor by a couple of city detectives...

I think the rifle was found on the fourth floor."


Immediately went into---well, talked to some of the officers around there who told me the story that they had thought some shots had come from one of the floors in the building, and I think the fifth floor was mentioned, but nobody seemed to know who the shots were directed at or what had actually happened, except there had been a shooting there at the time the President's motorcade had gone by.

And I went with a couple of officers and a man who I believed worked in the building. The elevator was just to the right of the main entrance, and we went to the top floor, which was pointed out to me by this other man as being the floor that we were talking about. We had talked about the fifth floor. And we went back to the storage area and looked around and didn't see anything.

Mr. BELIN. And then what did the officers tell you?

Mr. SAWYER. That their information was that the shots had come from the fifth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Mr. BELIN. Then it reads back here, "All the information we have received, indicates it did come from the fifth or fourth of that building." That is the central headquarters back to you, is that it?

Mr. SAWYER. That's right.

Mr. BELIN. That is at least after 12:45 p.m., and before 12:48 p.m.?

Mr. SAWYER. Right.

Mr. BELIN. Now looking down on this log until the next time your number appears, is 1:12 p.m. What does that say?

Mr. SAWYER. "We have found empty rifle hulls on the fifth floor and from all indications the man had been there for some time."

Mr. BELIN. Where did these people that claimed they saw a rifle or part of a rifle---

Mr. SAWYER. The ones that I talked to were pointing out one of the upper floors of the Texas School Book Depository, which at that time I thought was the fifth floor.

Mr. BELIN. Do you know what portion, what side of the building it was? Was it the northeast corner or west side of the building?

Mr. SAWYER. It was on the south side of the building, and in the southeast corner.

Mr. BELIN. What about this person, who I will call the primary description witness, did he say what side of the building it was on?

Mr. SAWYER. He went and pointed out the window which I now note to be the sixth floor, but when I talked to him, I thought it was the fifth floor.

Mr. BELIN. The fifth floor?

Mr. SAWYER. Yes.

Mr. BELIN. What side of the building?

Mr. SAWYER. On the south side of the building, and the southeast corner.

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