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Buell Wesley Frazer Interview

William Kelly

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Buell Wesley Frazer


In this candid interview, Buell Wesley Frazer describes how he came to know Lee Harvey Oswald, how he drove him to Irving to visit his family at the Paine home on weekends, how he played with his daughters and the children in the neighborhood, how the children considered him a good person, how the package Oswald took to work on 11/22/63 was too small to be the rifle, and how he stood on the top steps of the front door of the TSBD at the time of the assassination, making him a good candidate for being "Prayer Man."

Frazer says that after the assassination, which he heard but did not witness from his location, he walked down the steps and stood on the street in front of the TSBD and saw Oswald walking up Houston Street, as he apparently left the building from the back loading dock, and saw him cross Houston Street and then Elm street.

If this is true, Oswald must have left the TSBD building from the back door, not the front door as described by the Warren Report. If he did so, he would have seen and possibly heard his boss William Shelley say there would probably not be any further work that day, as Shelley was also standing in the rear of the building, having walked around the west side after observing the police search the cars and trains in the yard.

Frazer also says that once he was taken to the Dallas PD he was physically threatened by Capt. Fritz and told to sign a typed confession, that he refused to sign.

This "confession" should still exist among the Dallas City records. Has anyone seen it?

I think Frazer is a very credible witness, and at 19 years old, could also be the "College Boy" seen walking down the steps in the yet to be identified and timed film taken shortly after the assassination.


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He said that Oswald told him that he was going to buy his lunch from the truck that day, which doesn't match Fritz's notes that say that Oswald had cheese sandwiches and an apple.

He says that the package was only 2 feet long, give or take a couple of inches.

He also says that Oswald used words that other employees didn't understand. He himself had to look up one such word in a dictionary. (Was Oswald better educated than them?).

He also states that the TSBD employees used to go to the nearby post office daily to mail parcels to customers. (This may have afforded all sorts of opportunities for Oswald to leave the building during work hours, and set up his post office box, I suppose.)

He infers that children can recognize "good" people and states that the neighborhood children thought that Oswald was a great man.

It is an interesting interview, though the questions asked aren't the probing ones that I would have wanted.

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The Key Points are: Oswald didn't bring the rifle to the TSBD on the morning of the assassination, that he left the building from the rear dock area and not the front door, that Shelly was there at the dock area as Oswald said he was, and that Frazer could be "Prayer Man," and that Frazer hasn't seen the photos of "Prayer Man" to determine if it is him or Oswald.

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