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John Simkin

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Students' perceptions of 'good' teachers

'Good' teachers

Get angry sometimes, when there is a reason

Listen to all sides

Stick to the rules

Treat all the children fairly

Say sorry when they have done something wrong

Give interesting lessons

Always have things for the pupils to do

Always mark classwork and homework

Ask the children what they think

Are on time for lessons

Stop children behaving badly

Deal with bad behaviour quietly (do not shout)

Are the same way every day

Try to make children understand

Students' perceptions of 'bad' teachers

'Bad' teachers

Have favourites

Are not ready for lessons

Are late to lessons

Are rude to children

Don't know the children's names

Let some children get away with things and not others

Shout at children

Don't help when the work is too hard

Don't like some children

Waste time

Are too strict

Do not listen to children

Do not give children a second chance

Are friendly out of class but not in class

Leave the classroom halfway through a lesson

Do not care if children work or not

Are moody

Do not bother to mark classwork

This is an excellent list that is worthy of close study. I find little to argue with. My only comment is that teachers will always fail to be “the same way every day”. It is a list that PGCE students would do well to take seriously.

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