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Jefferson Morley to speak at Lancer Conference

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I just wanted to let everyone know that we have been

able to gain Jefferson Morley as a speaker for this year's

conference. He will be doing a presentation on the CIA and the

Kennedy assassination.

Mr. Morley is a world news editor for WashingtonPost.com and

does a weekly World Opinion Roundup column. He is known for

his research on the CIA's obfuscation with both the

Warren Commission and the HSCA; he has also focused his

attention on Oswald in Mexico City and to Oswalds contacts with

the DRE.

We are very pleased to add Jeff as one of our conference speakers

and Debra has also asked me to announce that she is holding the

early bird conference fee open to the end of this month so you still

have time to register and get the lower fee. Just go to:


-- I hope to see many of you in Dallas next month, Larry

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James, I think a Morley/JFK search will show you some background on this

but as I understand it much of the question comes from the fact that we

know that the DRE was very involved with Oswald in NO - from the scuffle to

the radio debate and they were supporting the preparation of a good deal of

propaganda material against Castro and the FPCC based around Oswald.

DRE was amont the first responders after Dallas to jump in with a comprehensive Castro was behind Oswald story, in both NO and Miami.

Now the DRE was one of the exile groups courted at length by the CIA

not for their operations use but because of their great intel links into

Cuba, they maintained some of the best contacts going and CIA wanted

that intel. So they had a CIA case officer and there should be extensive

DRE files. As it turns out their case officer worked with the HSCA, never

mentioning his assigment of course nor anything he might have seen in

DRE files about the Oswald contacts.

We are beginning to see large amounts of documents on various exile

groups and there should be some files for the summer and fall of 63

showing us their take on Oswald, nothing like that has yet turned up.

I know Jeff is still doing field and NARA research on the subject but that's

all I know; at the moment it looks like one of Peter Dale Scotts classic

"holes", you look for what should be there and when it's gone you have

a clue you may be going in an important direction.


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James, a few years ago Carlos B. began selling certain items online

and since that point I know several researchers who have chatted with

him on line and one who went to the effort of going down and meeting with


The net result is that Carlos sticks 100% to his remarks about Oswald and

Castro sponsorship and that is all anybody is going to get from him.

Having him at a conference would net you the same story that is in print

in many places....it might be interesting to some to meet him as a witness

to Oswald but I don't think it would contribute anything to research per se.

However I don't know of anyone who has ever offered him an invitation.

On the other hand if the DRE DIA memo files were to come to light they could

possibly go a long way to resolving the whole question of the initial contact

with Oswald and the exile reaction to him. It's pretty hard to belive that they

would not report a suspicious new contact or talk about the leafletting or street


-- Larry

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