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Ken, I'm sorry. My partner said the contract was offered around not that anyone he knew that took it.

I asked him if he was involved but he said the real shooters would have been dead shortly after the event, so he passed.. He was in SE Asia but not Vietnam on 11/22/63.

The only other contract he heard being offered was Malcolm X.

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Cross Larry Florer off the list. I just got off the phone with a witness who was watching the motorcade with Florer in Dealey Plaza at the time of the shots.


Can you add any details? Someone who was watching the motorcade with Larry Florer probably has a lot of interesting things to say.

Not too much to tell Chris. This individual and Florer, who were coworkers at a "business machine outfit", were watching the motorcade on Main Street from a position near the Main and Houston intersection. After the limousine passed the pair turned and headed back up Main. Soon after he heard three fairly evenly spaced shots that "could have easily been fired by a bolt-action rifle", but had no idea where they were coming from to the extent he couldn't even tell if they were high or low.

Assuming the sounds were fireworks, the two seperated and the individual I interviewed returned to work. Roughly an hour later, at work, he recieved a call from Florer who informed him that he had been arrested and requested he come to the police station and "help get this straightened out." By the time he got down to the police station Florer had already been released.

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