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JFK 50th Online Ticketing Process Completed in Dallas

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JFK 50th Online Ticketing Process Completed; Alternate Viewing Locations Announced

The 50th: Honoring the Memory of President John F. Kennedy

October 10, 2013 12:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

DALLAS--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--The online ticketing process for The 50th: Honoring the Memory of President John F. Kennedy has been completed for the public commemoration in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 22, 2013.

"The alternate viewing locations ensure that everyone feels welcome to be a part of the commemorative proceedings."

The President John F. Kennedy Commemorative Foundation, in conjunction with the city of Dallas, established a highly secure computerized allocation system to handle the large volume of expected requests from the public wishing to attend the event in Dealey Plaza. Those chosen by random allocation will be notified this week as to the planning and logistics for their attendance that day.

The public will still have the opportunity to view live, close captioned feeds of the event from three locations in and around downtown Dallas. AT&T Plaza at Victory Park/American Airlines Center, Annette Strauss Square and the JFK Memorial Plaza/Founders Square area, located one block east of Dealey Plaza, have all been chosen as alternate viewing areas for the public.

"The online ticket allocation process was inclusive and the fairest way to accommodate the public with the limited space and security and safety concerns we have to work with in Dealey Plaza," Mayor Mike Rawlings said. "The alternate viewing locations ensure that everyone feels welcome to be a part of the commemorative proceedings."

"The 50th: Honoring the Memory of President John F. Kennedy" will be a serious, understated and respectful commemoration in tribute to our nation's 35th president. Paid for by private donations, corporations and foundations, the private/public partnership is led by Dallas Mayor Michael S. Rawlings and a broad cross section of 25 local civic leaders in cooperation with the city of Dallas. The President John F. Kennedy Commemorative Foundation is chaired by Ruth Sharp Altshuler.

"It's important that the city of Dallas has a strong voice in remembering this very solemn day," said Altshuler. "The donors have done a wonderful job in creating an event which will live up to the sense of history and dignity it deserves," she added.

For additional information, please visit: http://www.50thHonoringJohnFKennedy.com .


Laurey Peat + Associates
Laurey Peat, 214-871-8787

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Total bull crap.

Just show up. By the thousands. They cannot arrest all of us.


Yeah, but what about those who do get arrested? Let me see. I came to Dallas to be in Dealey Plaza on the 50th, and attend a conference. So who'd you meet in Dealey Plaza, and how was the conference? Oh, I never got into Dealey Plaza cause I got arrested, and I missed out on most of the conference. Well, why'd you get arrested? Well, the CITY closed off the Plaza for a few hours, and that was unacceptable to some, so we tried to force our way in.

It sounds like a bit of an over-reaction, don't you think?

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Total bull crap.

Just show up. By the thousands. They cannot arrest all of us.


Yea, now they have a computer file and data base on everyone who wanted to be there, but was xed out, and they have ordered a $250,000 mobile command post for the police, the kind used in major emergencies and riots, and they have wired the downtown with video cameras for security purposes, so when the xxxx hits the fan, the cameras will catch it all - and in most such cases, the videos depict cops beating arrested suspects with billy clubs, so we know what they are expecting.

I don't think people should force themselves anywhere or try to get arrested, that's what they want to happen.

Nonviolence is the way and educating them is the means to get what we want - free the files, solve the crime(s) and determine the full truth.

Stay on message.

But the City of Dallas is treating the public who will be visiting Dallas for the 50th as if they are an invading army.

For those who didn't get tickets to the Plaza event, they will have large screen tVs that will be placed at various nearby locations - including Kennedy Plaza, a block away, where they should be having their event, and leave the murder scene to the public.

Without having coordinated anything with anyone, I thought about it and concluded that for those who usually participate in the traditional "Moment of Silence," the best place to meet is not at one of the spots they have chosen, but one that we choose, and for good reason.

Those who want to meet together should gather at Ferris Plaza Park, at South Houston and Young Street. It is just across Houston from the Train Station and just across from the Dallas Morning News and a local TV station.

This is the perfect place to hook up because it is a hub for those traveling by train, and it also close to the major media outlets, where out of town and foreign journalists will be using their facilities to send reports, so there will be plenty of opportunities to meet the press.

We should also set up our own live video and internet streaming audio-video feed - either wireless from the park or hooked up with a land line/broadband feed at the Union station - or the Hotel Lawrence, a block away, so we can set up a soap box for people to use.

I think that any musicians should bring their guitars and whatever and play some songs and try to keep tensions down with some good music.


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At the risk of making us look like conspiracy nuts, is it possible that cordoning Dealey Plaza for the anniversary was enacted out of advance knowledge of a government shutdown this fall, and a debt-ceiling crisis deadline in mid-October? Was the committee anticipating disgruntled mourners?

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This will be the first time my son, Matt, is going with me to Dallas. Although he grew up hearing about the assassination all of the time, his interest is not as severe as mine. Personally, I believe that he's noticed that mom is getting alot older and maybe it would be nice to spend some time in an activity with her that she likes. The trip was my birthday present from he and his wife Jasmine.

I was not interested at all in attending the program put on by the City of Dallas. My time there is planned attending a Conference, meeting old friends, finding new ones, staying at my Adolphus (Don't get me started. I love that place!) and our memorial.

What I never understood is why the timing issue was so important to the city. Certainly, they should have a memorial service.But I believe better minds could have constructed better ways to overcome most obstacles. They could've had the entire morning, and then let us speak. Why not? We are the ones who are there EVERY YEAR.

My view has recently been that this is no longer the emotional, moving occasion I had looked so forward to. Somewhere, the spirit of JFK is lost, and we engage in a fight over who is right--and the memorial of a man we all loved becomes a battleplace,and is now a sociological event, because the purpose is getting lost in the fire.

(It will be interesting to see how Matt perceives all of this.)

Your thoughtfulness on this matter can change everything.You have come up with a good way to allow us to "voice" as a group, and the message to be heard.

I think your idea of an alternate area is an excellent one, and, locating it in the proximity of the media, is a brilliant move.

Thank you.


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