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Last month I visited Pat Hall of 1026 North Beckley Avenue in Dallas. She revealed some of her thoughts to me, on what in her opinion happened after 1 pm.

Wrote about it on my website: http://threeshotswerefired.com/?p=1134 (also some pics on that page). Highlights:

  • “There is a traffic light right in front on the rooming house. I think the cop that honked twice when Oswald was in his room, only wanted to alert a slow driver in front of him.”
  • "I think Oswald may have taken Crawford Street when he walked to the corner of 10th and Patton. Not Beckley Avenue, like most of the sources say."
  • "You can definitely reach 10th and Patton from here within 13 minutes. No doubt."
  • “I think the encounter of Oswald and Tippit had nothing to do with the assassination of Kennedy. Tippit was in the neighbourhood because of a reported burglary. Oswald acted suspicious in his eyes, gazing around, looking terrified. Maybe Tippit thought he caught the burglar, when he stopped his car near the intersection of Tenth Street and Patton Avenue.”
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The supposed burglary was not mentioned on the police tapes or otherwise.

The traffic light has not been mentioned before. How long has it been there for?

Did you walk the distance in question?

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Yes, I did walk the distance, with a quick pass I could do it within the time given, 13 minutes.

I do not yet know if any burglary in Oak Cliff occured that moment, looking into it.

I did read something about the traffic light in front of the rooming house earlier. Was it in Bugliosi's Reclaiming History? Cannot remember. Also something I need to find out. I know Pat Hall is not the first one mentioning the traffic light!

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