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Auction including wedding ring LHO

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Just started: auction with more than 350 lots, including number 160: wedding ring Lee Harvey Oswald, left at the Paine residence in the morning of 11/22/1963.


Picture of the ring:


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For the have's and the have more's......


I am very sympathetic to any person who has lived in a fishbowl. At one point she was working in a 7-11, back in the day. After quite some time any student of the assassinations of the 1960's, comes to realize that the intertwining of the famous and infamous to this topic, is to say the least a double edged sword.

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"ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", and, "Oswald".

My hypothesis predicts that many of "ICO's" activities were staged to create coded puzzles, the solutions to which would both chronicle "ICO's" attempt to prevent the assassination, and to help serve as their alibis should they fail.

Lee Oswald uncharacteristically left his wedding ring at the Paine's on the morning of the 22nd. To my way of thinking, this fits the mold of a possible "ICO" puzzle.

Using "ICO's" binary code method, "WEDDING RING" decodes to "SGRINGEIDDEW" (Footnote). From this group of letters I will make two anagrams pertinent to this post:


(2) "'GG' INSIDE WED R".

My hypothesis again predicts that the otherwise meaningless initials, "GG", might well be there, etched somehow on the gold ring's inner surface. If the "GG" turned out to be present, it would have been a puzzle of opportunity, that is, the "ICO" puzzle, "WEDDING RING", would not have been created to correspond to the initials, the initials would have been purposely put there because they were a natural outcome of decoding the letters in "WEDDING RING".

Also, if the "GG" turned out to be present, it would have been the likely reason for Lee leaving his ring at home that day: To make a connection (for us) between the vast "ICO" puzzle-code system my hypothesis posits, and a real-world event.

So far, I have struck out in my search for a detailed description of the ring. If anyone has run across any information that would be of help, I would appreciate hearing about it.




WEDDIN = 001101, and, 110010, plus tags GRING


GNIRGN = 010101, and, 101010, plus tags IDDEW

Yield: EIDDEW. Total yield: SGRINGEIDDEW

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