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Rare interview with Judge John Tunheim on 11/04/2013

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Rare Interview with Federal District Judge John R. Tunheim, Chairman of the Assassination Records Review Board, Adds Perspective to the Documents the ARRB Made Public and That are Now at the Center of Answering the Question: "Who Shot JFK?"; One-Hour Television Event Hosted by Award-Winning Journalist Bill Kurtis.

REELZCHANNEL announced JFK: Inside the Evidence will premiere Monday, November 4 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT.


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“This represents a new phase of study of the JFK assassination because of the five million pages of documents released by the Assassination Records Review Board in the mid-nineties,” said Bill Kurtis, host of JFK: Inside the Evidence. “After nearly two decades of research we’re closer than ever to both eliminating popular but worn-out conspiracy theories. Prepare to be surprised.”

Please Surprise me! it'll be interesting to see which way ex-CBS newscaster Kurtis leans, but his quote makes it seem that we'll be hearing more "worn out" lone-nut stuff.

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