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Last night, on CNN's Piers Morgan, Oliver Stone made an appearance to chat about a variety of topics such as bullying in the NFL, the NSA and his new Blu Rays coming out of The Untold History and JFK, the 50th Anniversary edition.

The following clip shows a portion of the interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmtl2R1gML8&safe=active

Interestingly enough at the end, Piers asks the self defeating question, "Will we ever know?" And Mr. Stone replied that there are always people digging up new things...

Curioulsy, the clip ends there. He went on to add that the CIA is still holding files back and that Jefferson Morley is trying to get them released. He then mentioned a few CIA officers, James Angleon, Richard Helms, David Atlee Phillips, Allen Dulles, and Mr. Morales - David Sanchez Morales - a name not mentioned much on national TV.

Maybe the full clip will be available online soon.


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Oliver Stone was interviewed today, Nov. 5, 2013, on Democracy Now.

Thanks, Douglas, for sharing that recent link for the Oliver Stone interview.

I watched JFK again after that interview, and I reviewed my notes, and I continue to have one major question about Oliver Stone's narrative.

The most impressive part of the JFK film, to me, is the meeting with Mister X (Fletcher Prouty) played by Donald Sutherland.

In the course of the Mister X narrative, we are told about General Y (General Edward Lansdale) who, it is hinted, was the man who called Colonel Max Reich, the unit commander of the 112th Military Intelligence Group at 4th Army Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston the day before the JFK motorcade, with orders to "stand down" instead of going to Dallas to protect JFK.

It is also hinted that fired CIA chief, Allen Dulles, was the "benefactor" of General Lansdale.

Further, General Lansdale told Colonel Fletcher Prouty to travel to the South Pole, instead of handling security for JFK in Dallas.

No matter what other suspects we find in the woodwork of the JFK assassination -- Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Ferrie or Carlos Bringuier in New Orleans, or General Walker, Loran Hall or Guy Gabaldon in Dallas and Mexico City -- the problem of General Edward Lansdale keeps haunting me.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

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