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The Shots in Dealey Plaza

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It seems pretty obvious, that the nutters reject the notion that a gunshot was fired at Zapruder frame 285 - just 1.5 seconds prior to the shot at 313.

If they are correct, then there must be another explanation for why 6 people all began to react during the same three frames, or 1/6th of a second.


Three of them simultaneously dropped their heads downward and forward.


These are the reactions which began within a third of a second following the shot at 285.


The reactions following 313 were similar, though more pronounced, which suggests that that shot was fired from a more powerful rifle.

But there were *NO* startle reactions to any of the shots prior to 285. In fact, almost no one heard more than one of them.

So, if the 285 reactions weren't caused by a shot, then what caused then?

Was it random coincidence?

Was it because Greer slammed on the brakes?

For those who are genuinely uncertain about this, I would suggest considering the following, verified facts and statements by the people who actually heard the shots.

1. Most of the witnesses in DP that day who expressed an opinion on the subject, said that the last two shots were "closely bunched". The WC concluded,

"a substantial majority of the witnesses stated that the shots were not evenly spaced. Most witnesses recalled that the second and third shots were bunched together."

2. Mrs. Connally said that the last two shots were fired after she looked back at JFK, which was circa frame 258.

3. Mrs. Kennedy said the last two shots were fired after Gov
Connally began to shout, which was circa frame 240.

4. Bill Greer said "The last two seemed to be just simultaneously, one behind the other.."

5. Roy Kellerman said that he heard a "flurry" of "at least" two shots at the end of the attack.

"Let me give you an illustration, sir, before I can give you an answer.
You have heard the sound barrier, of a plane breaking the sound
barrier, bang, bang? That is it."

6. Charles Brehm said that the President was "15-20 feet" from him when the first of three shots were fired. He was exactly 15-20 feet from JFK at frame 285. He also showed Mark Lane, exactly where he was in relation to the limo when that shot was fired.


7. In the Secret Service car behind the limo, SA George Hickey said,

"At the moment he was almost sitting erect I heard two reports which I thought were shots and that appeared to me completely different in sound than the first report and were in such rapid succession that there seemed to be practically no time element between them."

8. SA Sorrels said,

"There was to me about twice as much time between the first and second shots as there was between the second and third shots."

9. SA Winston Lawson,

"There was one report, and a pause, then two more reports closer together, two and three were closer together than one and two."

10. Warren Commissioner Allen Dulles,

"There has been a certain amount of testimony indicating there was a
longer pause between the report of the first shot... and the second and
third shots, that is not absolutely unanimous but I would say it is
something like 5 to 1 or something of that kind.."

11. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell,

"There was a longer pause between the first and second shots than there
was between the second and third shots. They were in rather rapid

12. Billy Lovelady,

"After he had passed and was about 50 yards in front of us I heard
three shots. There was a slight pause after the first shot then the
next two was right close together."

13. Mary Ann Mitchell

"...there were three---the second and third being closer together than
the first and second..."

14. Joe Molina

"... Of course, the first shot was fired then there was an interval
between the first and second longer than the second and third."

15. Luke Mooney.

"...The second and third shot was pretty close together, but there was
a short lapse there between the first and second shot."

16. Arnold Rowland,

"The actual time between the reports I would say now, after having had
time to consider the 6 seconds between the first and second report and
two between the second and third."(20)

17. Barbara Rowland,

" ...the second and third were closer than the first and second. "

18. Edward Shields,

"I said, 'The President has been shot'; we walked back to the lot and
where Tracey was. I heard one shot and then a pause and then this
repetition--two shots right behind the other.."

19. Special Agent Forrest V. Sorrels,

"There was to me about twice as much time between the first and second
shots as there was between the second and third shots."

20. Chief Sheriff's Deputy Allan Sweatt,

"The President's caravan had just passed and about a minute or two, I
heard a shot and about 7 seconds later another shot and approximately 2
or 3 seconds later a third shot..."

21. SA Warren W. Taylor,

"In the instant that my left foot touched the ground, I heard two more
bangs and realized that they must be gun shots." (In the Altgens photo, taken at Z255, Taylor has not yet stepped out of the car).

21. Bonnie Ray Williams

"... I remembered three shots, because there was a pause between the
first two shots... The second and the third shot was closer together
than the first shot and the second shot.."

22. Linda Willis, the fifteen year old daughter of Phil Willis,

"Yes; I heard one. Then there was a little bit of time, and then there
were two real fast bullets together. When the first one hit, well, the
President turned from waving to the people, and he grabbed his throat,
and he kind of slumped forward, and then I couldn't tell where the
second shot went."

23. Congressman Ralph W. Yarborough,

"..by my estimate--to me there seemed to be a longer time between the
first and second shots, a much shorter time between the second and
third shots.."

24. SA Rufus W. Youngblood,

"There seemed to be a longer span of time between the first and the
second shot than there was between the second and third shot."

25. Robert H. Jackson,

"I would say to me it seemed like 3 or 4 seconds between the first and
the second, and between the second and third, well, I guess 2 seconds,
they were very close together..."

26. Ladybird Johnson,

"..suddenly there was a sharp loud report--a shot. It seemed to me to
come from the right, above my shoulder, from a building. Then a moment
and then two more shots in rapid succession."

27. Lee Bowers

"I heard three shots. One, then a slight pause, then two very close


28. Victoria Adams,

"...we heard a shot, and it was a pause, and then a second shot, and
then a third shot."

28. Among the Secret Service agents, Sheriff's deputies and police officers, not even *one* of them testified that the early shots were closer together than the final shots.

29. Dr. Luis Alvarez concluded that there was a loud noise at frame 285, which he misidentified as a siren. He was corroborated by Dr. Michael Stroscio, who has chaired Presidential science commissions and has written about Alvarez's analysis himself. He expressed doubt about the "siren" theory and suggested that this was likely, the shot that caused James Tague's minor wound.

The evidence is overwhelming, that Oswald did not fire all of the shots that day.

Robert Harris

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Guest Robert Morrow

Excellent post. I should add that if JFK and Connally were getting hit in the back within 1-2 seconds of each other in separate shots, then there were at least 2 shooters from the rear, to go along with the shooter or shooters who hit JFK in the neck from the front and who blew off his head from the front. That is a minimum of 3 shooters in the ambush.

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